Goway prides itself on being one of the oldest, largest and most experienced travel companies in North America. For world travelers, which we call Globetrotters, our diversity (Air, Land, Tours, Groups) and specialization ensures excellent expertise. Our staff's commitment to service is paramount.

Privately owned by the Hodge family (all four of whom work in the business), we have a global presence with our head office in Toronto and branches in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Sydney and Manila which employ over 250 specialist staff.

1. We Really Care.
2. Over 45 Years Experience.
3. Travel Wizards & Experts.
4. Best Airfares.
5. Your Money is Safe.
6. Independent of Other Companies.
7. More Choice of Experience.
8. One-Stop-Shopping.
9. Best Brochures.
10. Best Website.



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