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Yes, I recommend this program

We particpated in this programe last year as a church and we had the best timein our lives in sharing with the refugees and making a diffrence in thier lives. I have been waiting for this propgrame launch this year and am realy exited to see it back.. i request any every one to come and travel with us to Nakivale refugee camp in western uganda. On the months of October, November And December . His Grace Charity Home will be providing Humanitarian aid with dignity to refugees In Nakivale Refugee Camp in Western Uganda. We will provide food, Clothing , Construction of shelter and Skills empowerment after we will empower the refugees with Capital which will enable them start up business to generate income to improve on their standards of living . We have a goal of reaching 1500 Refugees by the end of this Campaign. we Ebenezer healing ministreis have already reserved 5o tickets for this programe . this is a life changing travel that you cant miss out

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
What i would do all over again is to travel for charity and construct shelter for refugees in nakivale.. this year i have already made an order and we are going to construct 300 houses for refugees in nakivale


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