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Founded in 1994, i-to-i are the world’s leading TEFL course provider having trained over 182,000 TEFL graduates and helping them get overseas to fulfil their dreams. Their English-government regulated courses are endorsed by language schools across the world meaning you’ve an excellent chance of securing the best jobs!

Offering both classroom and online training, you’ll learn all the skills and knowledge you need to start teaching English abroad. The courses are packed full of practical information and teaching methodologies to help you become a great TEFL teacher.

And it doesn’t stop there, i-to-i also offer organized and supported paid TEFL placements in China, Spain, Thailand and Vietnam alongside their very own Jobs Board with over 600 live TEFL positions across the world.

Take a look at their fantastic range of courses and trips by clicking the link above to find out more about what it means to get TEFL-qualified with i-to-i!

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23 years old

If you're serious this is Perfect


The courses offered with i-to-i are amazing, I had the honor of taking the IELTs coach, Young learners, teenage learners and the main 160 hour +20 in class hour courses. These courses go in-depth in the areas you will you need to know and practice when going out to teach English internationally. The grammar lessons proved very practical, the extra material offered to buy also helped out greatly(teaching guides). You can't just choose the course and think you can rush finish it. Its gonna take time, and the amount of time you invest into it, will be well worth it in the end. Taking notes through the course, I look back and there was never a chapter that did not have information needed. The safe are also very helpful in and throughout the course, trying to help boost your confidence and guide you on the right path. I greatly encourage you to try it. On the plus side, it is a lot cheaper and I believe more fun then the oxford courses.

How can this program be improved?

More grammar courses

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24 years old



From the very beginning you get ripped off (scammed in my opinion). You get charged an application fee to sign up to the initial internship with I-to-I, thinking oh this isn't too bad? Wrong. 6 months later I still feel like I’m paying for everything myself.

You get introduced to the Thai company that are running the internship. They pay you a low monthly salary in my opinion. As well as this, your contract is on an hourly rate so if you miss any classes due to public holidays, you are obliged to work these on your days off (Saturday's) otherwise you lose your pay.

If you go to Thailand without an agency, there’s a chance you’ll get higher pay (a whole lot more, and sometimes more with a degree).

Speaking of degrees, the partner organization takes your ORIGINAL degree certificate and transcripts so I found it difficult to leave the internship. As well as demanding a lot of fines and charges if you do leave them.

In terms of communication they do not care, we have went weeks without receiving email replies from them.

When asking why we get underpaid, I felt we received a disrespectful answer.

They pay for our accommodation but we pay for bills. And the landlords go to any cost to keep your accommodation deposit.

Upon arriving you’ll have to pay out of pocket for for visas and work permits. We did not receive our visas to stay in Thailand until December after being there for two months, and we had to pay overcharges as a result. (They also pulled us from school for this, so we were deducted pay from school). As well as this we did not receive our work permits until February -- a week before the internship finished.

The schools themselves, we did not get allocated a school until almost a month of being in Thailand. I was moved from place to place by the partner organization with no permanent job. I moved from Bangkok to surin and then got moved all the way down south after some miscommunication and told I was working up north. It wasn't until the end of November (after having to use my own savings to survive as I was depending on a promised job) that I was allocated a school. For the selection process, there was 8 of us and we had to line up in front of 200 Thai teachers as they all analysed our appearances and bidded on who they wanted at their schools. We were then sent to each school after the partner organization told them we were all qualified and experienced teachers from England! When specifically the internship said that we did not have to be qualified to do the internship. So all the schools assumed we were amazing enough to run our own English courses.

I did not receive pay slips. I got underpaid each month. They do not reply to emails. Proceed with caution.

We did not receive a finish date and upon asking about a finish date since December we were ignored.

We were also told by I-to-I and the partner organization to not book flights home on the 31st of March when the internship ended. So everyone booked a few days later. We then asked about our visas, and the partner organization told us they would only pay for our visas until the 31st.

We worked 7am-16:30pm every day. But only got payed on the hours that the teachers actually signed our lessons for. It is advertised as a 5 month internship but we only got paid for 4 month, and one of those months was only half a month worth of pay.

You could go to Thailand, go to any school with a degree of any kind and be on a comfortable monthly salary and pay for a nice apartment with a bit of a spending cushion.

Beware and proceed with caution.

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27 years old
Nicholls State University

Great Experience!


My experience with my Thai Internship and GES Thailand was a wonderful experience. I was able to meet new people, great traveling, and an overall memorable time. The GES team were wonderful with helping me with my paper work, teaching, and living arrangements. They were very nice and helpful with everything I needed.The Orientation was a big help as well because I got to meet other interns and make life long friends and it also helped me learn Thai culture, language. A lot of my questions and concerns were answered as well. After Orientation, we had about 2 weeks to travel and explore before school started which was perfect to get a hold of my surroundings. Overall, I feel that I have grown as a person with this part of my life.I had such a great experience with this internship that I stayed to teach in Thailand and I am very happy with my choices and decision to stay. I would definitely recommend this Internship!!

How can this program be improved?

For the Orientation, I would focus a longer class time on the language. That would be helpful.

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25 years old



I have been in Thailand since the 11th of October and still have received no placement. I have been moved twice (one of which was a two day journey). Four weeks later and I am still waiting for someone to contact me in relation to my placement. So far I have been moved twice, with no guarantee of a secure placement. I received a call from the company the night before last asking me to go to Singburi, where I was supposed to be forwarded the details of the school/accommodation etc. and starting in a kindergarten there today. Yet I have received no information whatsoever.
At this stage, I am extremely concerned with the lack of understanding I and the other interns have received from the staff at i-to-i. I 100% agree with all the complaints noted above

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32 years old
Glasgow, Scotland
University of Glasgow



Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time on this internship, and I felt very lucky with the group I was placed with, and the in-country coordinators we had. However, I think the LoveTEFL UK team need to really be more involved, and actually go and see what the internship is like for themselves. We were told we didn't need Spanish, but really we did, and we found the schools that we were placed in were quite disorganised and our roles weren't very clear. All in all we didn't feel like it adequately prepared us to go on to teach ourselves.

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