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Iko Poran Volunteer Abroad

Iko Poran is the only Volunteer Abroad organization based in a developing country respectively in a destination country, and also, Iko Poran is the only one that runs its own projects. We have 14 years experience and have received and coordinated thousands of volunteers.

Iko Poran offers a wide range of affordable, meaningful and safe volunteer projects in South and Central America, Africa and Asia. Our variety of programs includes Teaching, Childcare, Community Development, NGO Support, Construction, Environment, Animal Conservation, Sports, Arts & Design, Medical/ Health Promotion and many special projects.

We have the perfect volunteer project that matches your skills and interests.

We have created an international network to offer a wide range of possibilities for volunteers all over the world to help and contribute in the most affordable way. We work to create a difference!

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29 years old
London, UK
King's College London

Teaching assistant in Padre Cocha


Over the last September, I volunteered for 2 weeks as a teaching assistant in Padre Cocha, a small community located at 20 min by boat from Iquitos, in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon.
The project consisted in a 2-week English course for local people of all ages and aimed at improving their everyday communication with foreigners, in order to promote tourism in the community.

During this period I’ve been hosted by Jorge and Jenny, the organisers of this project, at their b&b, who made me feel welcome since the very beginning and gave me all the support I could need for visiting the area.

Teaching has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me, as put me in direct contact with the local people, who really appreciated the time and effort I put into it and who truly believed in the benefits of the program.

In my experience, two weeks have been a sufficient time to forget about my own life and to dive into this new reality, getting to know new people and appreciate their differences and similarities from my cultural background, build friendships, enjoy the jungle and, hopefully, make a difference for this community. This first course, in fact, has set the basis for a longer-term project that will continue with new volunteers and with the same enthusiasm to help the development of this marvellous place.

Overall, I couldn't be more satisfied of this affordable and rewarding adventure, especially given that I'd never really considered volunteering before, and surely recommend this kind of experience to anybody.

How can this program be improved?

In terms of organization, everything has been absolutely perfect. Things ended up being different from what initially planned, but the organizers have successfully worked around these unexpected circumstances and everything run smoothly.
The only thing I feel like saying, is that it should be specified that this project takes place in Padre Cocha rather than Iquitos, which in my opinion makes it even more appealing.


Ecuador Volunteer Program


I'm writing this review based on my experience as a one month volunteer in Ecuador. I was assigned with a Ecuadorian family and they were very friendly and treated me as their own family. When I first got there, my Spanish was bad and my 'family' helped me bargain with the taxi driver and helped me settle down. I got the best living situation in the house which I appreciated very much but also thought I didn't deserve my 'family' treating me so well. My daily job is to teach english to the kids in the village and helped my host-family grandma do some farming job. I enjoy very much the time living there. I got the chance to feel the nature and experience this life that I will remember for the rest of my life. During the 'hard' but happy time, my Spanish improved from zero foundation to be able to understand daily conversation. I was also introduced the traditional crafting in Ecuador. I'm a world traveler and a culture lover and I have been to a lot countries during the recent years. But Ecuador is my second hometown where I find my soul, experience the real humanity regardless of language obstacles and cultural barriers. I loved this experience and I will be back again.

How can this program be improved?

It will be better if the connection with local family is improved. Sometimes the internet is not good in this small village, so volunteers need someone who can speak english well.


Costa Rica Turte Expirience


I lived in this place for three months and got used to the life here, there are amazing things about this but there are some details that could tottally improve the program.

The life here is amazing, you get to relax during the day and make friends with the local people, there are a few things to do but if you are looking to have a nice relaxing time enjoying the caribean lifestyle then this is the place to go definitely.

It was hard to find a volunteer progrm as affordable as this one and it was worth it, the time I've spent working with the program I learned a lot of things about turtles and it's amazing how under appreciated thesese tutrle conservation programs are, patrolling was hard but with the local guides it was way better, they always tought me something new and were always looking out for me.

My homestay experience was amazing, they are really lovely and welcoming people and the food is amazing. However when I moved to the volunteer house it was a bit shocking, I was prepared for really simple conditions of living but the place is about to fall apart due to termites, the bugs I get because it's normal and expected from this place but it would be really nice if they fumigate it.

The local staff was really nice once I got to the village but it was hard to arrive to Parismina, I was not picked up at the airport and I was also waiting for someone at the bus station in siquirres and ended up calling the former president of the association to tell me that I was supposed to go to another bus station.

When I got to the program there was a long term volunteer who was leaving and she told me that she was like the volunteer coordinator which seemed wired because the contact with the local guides should be done through the local staff, I do believe that there should be a local volunteer coodinator other that the long term volunteers like me to organize activities and schedules and everything.

How can this program be improved?

volunteer coordinator.

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60 years old

Rio de Janeiro 2017


I spent the month of October working with Iko Poran in Rio de Janeiro on projects teaching English, Art, and Dance. I met some wonderful people, some of whom will hopefully remain friends forever. It was good to make a difference, even for a short while, to the lives of people who in some cases have so little. But what they may lack in resources they make up for many times in their enthusiasm for learning. I was able to contribute on a number of programmes and I think the more adaptable you are, the more you will get out of the experience. Rio de Janeiro is an amazing place, not without its problems, and you do have to take care travelling around, however one of the best aspects of the experience for me was being able to live almost like a local, travelling miles on the rattling buses, eating very economically in “local” restaurants, really feeling a part of the community. You just would not get that coming as a tourist. A tourist will get to know places....a volunteer will get to know people!

How can this program be improved?

I would have liked a brief sheet with information for the projects.
Address, contact details, history of the project, website if there was one, just to be as familiar as possible before getting struck in. Also some projects are quite far away and the prospect of getting lost was always there, although it didnt happen.

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20 years old
Santander, Spain
University of Leeds

My time in Cusco


I spent two weeks as a teaching assistant at a rural kindergarden. The experience was way different than I expected.

The children live very difficult family circunstances and you have to be ready to see and hear someheartbreaking experiences. Nonetheless they are very loving and affectionate to volunteers so you instantaneously feel welcomed. Then is up to you how you want to make an impact.
In my experience I came to the realisation that you cannot educate them in two weeks, and what these children really needed was love and support.

I recommend Iko Poran for this type of program because they offer support at all times if any doubts or concerns arise.
I was able to contact the Peruvian based advisor by whatsapp at al times regrding my situation and even touristic doubts and the host family was always there for a chat if you are having trouble adjusting.

Response from Iko Poran Volunteer Abroad

Hi Adriana,
Thank you for your review! It's always a pleasure to know more about each volunteer experience. It can be heartbreaking to see how some of the children's living conditions are. We are glad to hear that you could also see the beauty in the love and affection these children are able to give. 2 weeks can feel that's not enough time, but if that's all you can give it's for sure a positive impact in both sides (these children's life and your life). Happy to hear you had support when you needed.
Thank you for choosing Iko Poran.
Just a reminder that you have 50% discount on future registration fees.
We wish you all the best.
Iko Poran team.

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