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Kroka Expeditions


Kroka Expeditions is a Waldorf-inspired wilderness school that offers: two semesters, summer programs, and programs for schools. Kroka's founding principle is to bring students into nature using the dynamic modern pursuits of white water paddling, rock climbing, caving, mountain biking, back country skiing, and mountaineering. The curriculum of natural sciences, traditional and indigenous craft skills, arts and music, and the philosophy of simplicity are critical to each program. The teaching focus is always on positive change in the world, special human contributions to the society and the wonders of nature.

Kroka's sister school, Nahual Expediciones outside of Quito, Ecuador is operated by the three Dammer Brothers and their families. Every year one brother and his family comes to Kroka to teach the NH/Ecuador semester that begins in the foothills of NH and ends on the summit of an Ecuadorian volcano.



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