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Kyoto JaLS


At Kyoto JaLS you will not only study the Japanese language, but also have fun and use Japanese in real life situations! We have small class sizes and flexible teaching styles, and incorporate a range of cultural and social activities into our programs. Every week you will have the opportunity to meet local people, make new friends, explore the city, and learn a range of new skills and abilities.

We are based in the heart of Kyoto, with easy access to shopping, restaurants, and tourist attractions, but we also believe that Kyoto is one of the most beautiful and vibrant parts of Japan in every season. Our school hosts modern classrooms and facilities, including a cafe, and plenty of space to relax when you need a break from your studies!

We are looking forward to meeting you! Let's study Japanese together!


Fukutoku Bldg.2F, 670 Tearaimizu-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8152
Kyoto, Kyoto


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Miu Kuen

I spent 2 weeks in Jals as an absolute beginner. Being a slow learner, i didn't expect much from the course, in the end i feel amazed for managing to learn so much in 2 weeks, Hanagana, katakana and 4 chapters of the textbook. The teachers are all very patient and professional, the teaching materials are organised and well prepared, which helps us to learn Japanese efficiently and effectively.

Besides, the cultural courses from Jals are all very interesting and organised. i have joined several classes like the Taiko, mochi making, pottery class, sushi making and the outing to Shiga (an art exhibition). They were all amazing, i could experience Kyoto culture in a very relaxed and organised way. We were well taken care of in each activity, it allowed us is to experience Kyoto in a relaxed n organised way without the language barrier.

Last but not least, the staffs of Jals are extremely friendly and helpful, they are very professional and detail minded to arrange things for me, from accommodation to all the classes. It was a wonderful holiday in Kyoto!

Yes, I recommend this program
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The nicest Japanese school I have ever had the pleasure of attending(twice!!!) Yes I love it so much I had to go back for more! I attended Hokkaido Jals in 2017 and this year attended Kyoto Jals. With amazingly beautiful classrooms and cafe, an extensive Japanese curriculum to suit your Japanese level and a wealth of activities and opportunities to improve your Japanese Jals honestly has it all. For people who want to experience Japan, and I mean REALLY experience Japan more than your average tourist, Jals is a great place to start!

I had some amazingly fun cultural experiences at Jals, like temple visits, tofu making classes and many conversation classes/casual gatherings that I could have never had anywhere else. I was able to experience Japan on a deeper level, develop my Japanese and make friends with some lovely people along the way.

Whats more, I found the staff so friendly and accommodating. They went above and beyond to make sure that my stay, as well as that of all the other students, was fulfilling. The teachers as well were always checking in to make sure that the level of the classes suited us, if there was any other questions or problems we were having in regards to our stay in Japan and always did their best to make our classes as fun as possible!

Cannot recommend this place enough! If you haven't signed up you're already missing out people!

Yes, I recommend this program
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I've spent 5 weeks at the JALS school in Kyoto. It's very personal and the staff is very friendly and always concerned about your wishes and they are very uncomplicated.

The location is very new and clean. The teachers were absolutely lovely and took there time to explain the theorie and practice it.
The Book at first was intimidating, because it was all in japanese, but you get used to it and maybe thats not even a bad thing, thats the way you learn it. I am currently using this book to continue to study japanese.

The school is very active in organising activities for everybody, and you can feel they are doing it with all there love and energy. There are only positive vibes at the school. They organise things such as making chopsticks, going to festivals, converstion afternoons and other japanese activities.

Yes, I recommend this program

I studied at the school for just to weeks, but it was totally worth it. Classes were fun and well structured and the teachers are great. Private classes were extremely useful as they cater to your interests. There are a lot of different activities, so there is something for everybody. The staff is really helpful and nice as well and make the experience even better. I would absolutely go there again

Yes, I recommend this program

This is my first time that leave my home and go to other country by myself. I'm very excited! Japan is my favorite country.Kyoto have a lot of shrines,temples and landscapes,so I choose Kyoto.In Taiwan,I find UF Japan to arrange my schedule. In all school,JaLs's application information is most attractive.
First day I came to school,"wow it's so beautiful." I think.In JaLs everyone was very friendly to me.In a month I learned a lot of things and got a lot of experiences.
Although I encountered two typhoons,one was I go back to Taiwan.Airport was closed and flight was stop to fly,I stayed in Osaka four days.Patrick who is school's staff gave me a great help.
I'm very happy what I choose this school.Everydays is wonderful!

Yes, I recommend this program


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