LEAPNOW: Transforming Education

LEAPNOW: Transforming Education


Choose LEAPYEAR and embark on the most unique year of college on the planet. Travel abroad for 10 weeks in Latin American or India with a group of your peers. Explore your interests in depth and get real-world experience during your 3-month individual internship chosen from over 6,300 options in 126 countries. Journey inward during 8 weeks of inner-directed retreats that will lay the groundwork for stepping into the world while also providing a space to integrate your amazing experiences. Do all of this while receiving college credit! Experience the world while getting your degree.


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My trip to Nepal and North India with LEAPNOW was my very first time traveling outside of the country. It was intense, it was beautiful, it was life changing, and I wouldn't trade that experience for anything else! I recommend this program if you are ready to change your life, listen to your heart, and see the world with clear eyes. The work you do during group travel is such a humbling and unique experience. The staff (which is more like family) thoroughly and carefully crafts the schedule to make your experience abroad the most culturally rich and special as possible.

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LEAPYEAR has such profound richness and potential for transformation that it is not like any other program in the world. It moves beyond a traditional travel program by offering a portal to a wiser, new and improved version of yourself that may have otherwise taken decades to develop. LEAPYEAR fosters enthusiasm for learning, dedication to self-growth, service to others, cooperation, and the skills needed to live a joyful and fulfilling life. Through my time in Latin America, I found my whole world growing larger, both inside and out. I was able to connect deeply with the locals, learn Spanish, realize where I stand in the world, build bridges, step out of my comfort zone, and travel with incredible people. I recommend this program to anyone who is curious about the world and themselves and who wants to build a strong foundation for the rest of life to sit upon. I am so, so grateful for this experience.

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This program was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I chose to travel to India and Peru during my time at LeapNow and had the opportunity to explore new countries while having an incredible system of support and guidance that helped me navigate challenges and encouraged me to face my fears and difficulties without ever feeling alone.
While in India on group travel, I got take language classes in the foothills of the Himalayas, spend time with a wonderful homestay family in Varanasi, help build houses in the South Indian tropics, and far, far more than I could ever say in a simple review.
In Peru on my solo internship I chose to volunteer with the Sisters of Charity of Mother Theresa in a home for the dying, disabled, abandoned, and learned about caretaking and what it takes to live and travel independently.
Within the program I learned communication and problem solving skills, conflict resolution, cultural and social justice education, emotional literacy, group and solo travel skills, how to understand and maintain my own integrity, how hold myself accountable, how to create a healthy relationship with my own body, and how to create healthy, generative relationships with the people around me.
I use what I was taught in LeapNow virtually every day and will never be able to truly express my gratitude for this year of my life and all I learned from it.

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LEAPNOW was everything I had ever imagined and more. I didn't know what to expect coming into it but I was never disappointed. My travels through central America were eye-opening and varied. From scuba diving in Roatan, Hunduras to trekking through the Guatemalan Mountains. Traveling in a small group creates bonds that last beyond the end of the program. As I write this I am sitting with two of my friends. The program helped me move into adulthood with confidence and excitement. Language is heavily emphasized and we had the rare opportunity of spending 4 weeks immersed in Spanish Schools. The two schools we spent time at were incredible and I came away speaking conversational Spanish. LeapNow is a place that truly becomes a second home, and both the time abroad and the time on campus captivated me. Prepare for incredible home cooked meals an wise teachers to guide you on your journey. I am so thankful that I chose this program.

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Hello Everyone!
It's strange to think that a year ago I was in your position, furiously researching study abroad programs. I remember how overwhelming it was and how I didn't believe I would ever find the right one. Then by a chance of fate a family friend recommended Leapnow to me. Participating in this program was the best decision I have ever made. I was fortunate enough to travel through Nepal and Northern India during my group travel where we were exposed to different cultures in a way I have not witnessed in any other program. We lived and worked among the people, learning their language and customs.

Then coming back to the US Leapnow helped moderate the transition and provided a safe container to re-acclimate to society before going home. The retreats have given me tools I feel will be valuable for the rest of my life such as communication, leadership, emotional literacy and facing myself. I have also never before bonded to a group of individuals like I did my group. We are a family.

I would recommend this program to all students going through transition who want to really learn about themselves and the world we live in. It is not for the faint of heart, but I believe everyone has the capability to find true passion and potential through this incredible process.

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