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LIU Global is the only university that will take students on a four year educational journey around the world. LIU global combines classroom instruction, field study, and professional internships with full time immersion in countries and cultures on at least five continents. Throughout these international experiences, students develop a set of political, economical, cultural, and ecological lenses that will help them understand challenges that face humanity collectively. Students will earn a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies, and have the opportunity to choose among three minors: Social Entrepreneurship, International Relations, and Arts & Communication.


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After spending about 5 months at this vibrant university, I have throughly enjoyed my experience. My flatmates were kind and introduced me to all the social events offered at Roehampton. It's also a great location to go traveling around Europe once lectures end in March, which is exactly what I did. The best part about the campus is how natural it looks. I got to see baby ducks grow before my eyes. Overall, I would recommend this experience to anyone looking to study abroad in a location near London.

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The only way to improve the program would be to have more opportunities for the puppy room event.
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My name is Carly, and this is my third year with the program. I have studied in Costa Rica and South Africa, where I currently am. I am really interested in the arts, and creative processes, and their ability to transform communities of people through social action outlets. Backing up a bit, when I was around eight, I found this series of black and white prints that my Mom had shot, while studying at Evergreen, of homeless people in Pioneer Square, Seattle. (Where I grew up) I remember just sitting with them in our damp unfinished basement, marveling in the ability they allowed me to just stare in wonder at their subjects, people who I had never felt as comfortable looking at or studying before.

I come from a family of artists, and my youth has been partially filled with the search for ways in which I can satiate my creative energy while contributing to my global community, more than just aesthetically. Photography has been my ends to this search for the past three years.

Dorothea Lange, a famous photographer who caught many famous images from America's great depression said: "The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." This is a quote that I am diving into my project this semester with. I have dabbled in documenting, portrait, and commercial shooting, but what I really think is going to change the world around is not an exclusive group of elite photographers, but a population of people who have been taught to see by exploring their world with a camera.

This semester I will be teaching a black and white photography course to high school students from a poorer Durban school and a richer one together. We will be working from a self explorative curriculum with the idea that photography and education can together be a means to combat the misunderstanding that is bred by gentrification.

I will also be working to implement a weekend arts education program to marginalized youth from poorer townships and informal settlements around Durban. I am working with an organization called Ikamva Youth, out of Durban, that tutors these high schoolers one to three times a week, to help them pass their final 'senior or metric' exams. Every Saturday I meet with the kids, sometimes with a guest speaker from the Durban arts community, and present a new way to exercise our right brains.

Lastly, I will also be working with the Durban branch of the Right2Know campaign. I am currently in the process of organizing an interactive and traveling photo booth/exhibition with them, that will encourage younger participants to join the fight against the secrecy bill that is currently being passed though legislation.

So there is my semester in a nutshell. Global College is a unique program with a ton of independence for the dedicated self-educator, and I would recommend the program to any self disciplined learner with a desire for global citizenry.

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