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Perspective Development Skills (PDS) is a Charitable Organization located in Kibele, Tunguu, Zanzibar (Tanzania).

The main objective of PDS is to empower the local people of the rural area and poorly situated families to shape their future by providing access to additional education and skills for the purpose of creating new job opportunities. The main targets are the youth and women, who are the most impacted by unemployment.

Main programs:
- Cultural Exchange Program: participate in traditionnal activities (dancing, cooking...).
- Developing Small Sustainable Business: give practical trainings and marketing knowledge to the rural community.
- Teaching and Activities with Children: teach at PDS Charity School or participate to indoor and outdoor activities with children.
- Environmental Conservation: environmental cleaning and awareness.
- Developing Community Leadership: give leadership training and workshops.

Every month, many volunteers from all over the world join PDS.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experience in Zanzibar

I’ve been volunteering for almost 2 weeks in PDS, Zanzibar and I’m incredible grateful for this experience. I had the chance to met awesome, warm and welcoming people. PDS has several ongoing projects with lots of ideas, actions, love and empathy for kids, teenagers and local families.
Very nice hosting, delicious local food and so much love, good energy that make you don’t want to leave that place anymore.
Due covid-19 I had to come back home, but definitely I would love to go back in PDS and stay longer.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I loved every moment

pds is my second family ❤️❤️
The place is amazing 🤩 the students are so smart
it’s so safe to travel to
the place is so clean and cozy , my room was good , the food is amazing 🤩
the weather is great 😊 zanzibar has beautiful beaches and people are so kind and pure
You can teach kid’s English/ Arabic / computer
i miss everyone 💕💕 can’t wait to come back , I totally recommend PDS for everyone to visit
If you want to meet people from allover the world go at pds and you will have the most amazing experience

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Yes, I recommend this program

Memorable experience

I have spent 2 memorable weeks in village Kibele with Abdallah and his crew. I wish I could stay longer but because covid-19 pandemic already started I had to leave. The project is led by wonderful, welcoming people who are open for creative volunteers willing to be part of their comunity. The enviroment is beautiful, local, simply authentic. Suitable for adventurous souls. You will have a chance to creative and be active in many different areas. I would recommend to stay at least 1 month to leave something behind. Highly recommended! :) Thank you again.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
Travelling by over-filled bus back to the village. Cosy experience haha :)
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Yes, I recommend this program

PDS Zanzibar

I spent at PDS Zanzibar for a month and it was really great experience. I had pleasure to meet PDS members and enjoy daily life with them. They were very friendly and helpful since the first minute, when they picked me up at the airport. The program, they offer to volunteers is so much fun!!! You will get to know local culture and you will be able to get involved in different projects. They are very open minded, so it's quite easy to get on well with them. I will definitely go back there one day !!!

What was your funniest moment?
PDS members are very friendly with good sense of humour. I can say that all 4 weeks over there were full of laughs and nice moments.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Volunteering at PDS School 6 weeks

I spent few weeks at PDS School to teach english to the children. I want to say thank you to the president Abdalla and his team for their warm welcoming. Teachers at school are very kind, i will miss them and the children !
I was a wonderdul experience and a good way to discover the Zanzibari culture. People are very nice, polite, and smiling.
I have also discovered swahili food which is very good. The most typical dish is 'ugali' that you eat with your hand. It is strange at the beginning but very good!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Be patient and flexible ! Swahili rythm is pole pole (doucement, tranquille).


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