SEIT Outback Australia


SEIT Outback Australia takes you, without the crowds, on exciting, adventurous and interpretive small group tours. Traveling with SEIT Outback Australia gives you the time to learn, absorb and relax in the heart of Australia. We look forward to welcoming you to our country.

Our team of professional, passionate and knowledgeable staff members will guide you on adventurous and educational tours to exclusive and specialised locations showcasing iconic, pioneering, and cultural experiences throughout Central Australia.

The company bases its philosophies from the key words of Spirit, Emotion, Intellect and Task (SEIT).

SPIRIT - Feel the spirit of the traditional ancestors and the history of our pioneers
EMOTION - Experience the emotion of the outback as you undertake your journey.
INTELLECT- Feed your intellect with your highly knowledgeable and professional guides, educating you at each step of your journey with information on flora, fauna, environment, culture and the history of the