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Syracuse University Abroad consistently ranks among the highest-quality international study programs in the country. You’ll prepare for the world in the world with internships, field seminars, language at all levels, homestays, and community service projects. With centers in eight diverse locations and programs in over 40 other locations across the globe, there’s something for everyone at SU Abroad. For more than 50 years, students have found their place in the world with SU Abroad. Learn how you can find yours.


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There are so many moments I wish I could relive during my study abroad in Beijing, China. The SU Abroad Beijing staff really wants you to have an incredible experience. They will work with you to make sure your needs are met. The SU Beijing Center is located at Tsinghua University, which is where you will be taking your courses with experienced professors. Classes will never be boring because it is a mix of discussion and field trips to historical and cultural landmarks around Beijing (The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, 798 Art District). Getting around is pretty easy--from your dorm all the way to the Chinese language center, you can practically bike all over campus! The cafeteria food is cheap and delicious! If you're feeling homesick, simply bike (8 minutes) or walk (15 minutes) to the neighborhood center, Wudaokou, for some Western cuisine!

What sets the SU Abroad Beijing program apart from others is its two-week signature seminar. When you first start the program, you will have 2-weeks to dive deeper into China's history and understand the perspective of locals who are trying to improve some of the country's issues. When I was abroad (Fall 2014), we had visits to environmental NGOs and had visits to ethnic-minority villages. You'll learn a lot about China by the time the program ends, and I guarantee you'll have so much to share after your return!

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This program tends to have mostly political science/international relations/economics/history courses; however, independent study is also possible for other fields--such as communications (with the approval of your home college).
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For any students seeking a unique global experience and passionate about Asia and emerging economy, SU Beijing is the right program for you. You will have the opportunity to study in China's number 1 university, Tsinghua University where its last 2 presidents graduated from. You would be able to attend 1 Tsinghua course that is being taught in English, but be mindful that it can be challenging. SU students are open to all courses being offered by SU Beijing Center and they are all excellent to help you gain understanding about China in a short period of time. I highly recommend Dr. Tong's political science courses, as you would have the chance to sit with Chinese students from Tsinghua U and have a discussion about the lecture topic. The signature seminar is another thing you should not miss. It is a great opportunity to not just travel but learn about the country at the same time. If you choose to do so, you can get a good internship through SU Beijing Center who will connect you with some local companies. Living condition can be tough, but international students' dorms are so much better compared to local students'. You will have a private room and bath, plus a cleaning service who cleans your room 3x a week. Foods are cheap and delicious, just be careful with the hygiene if you are eating out. Hope we will see you in Beijing!

How can this program be improved?
One of the downside of the signature seminar is there are times when you are left to find your own meal. For anyone who comes to China for the first time and doesn't speak the language, this can be challenging, and terrifying even. I wish the program director be a bit more mindful in giving advices on where to get food that doesn't taste awful or not hygienic.
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Le Conservatoire de Strasbourg in connection with the Syracuse University Strasbourg Center is an excellent program overall that allowed me to fully grow as a musician. From the amazing professors, to my internships, to simply travelling across Europe all by myself I was able to gain the maximum benefits during my time abroad. Though I was skeptical to go anywhere abroad the faculty fully helped me adjust to the new territory.

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There are so many amazing aspects of this program, but I think for me one of the most important parts was the independence that it provides. You are given the chance to find your own housing in London, with roommates and a landlord that you pick yourself. As stressful as it was at the time, it was an amazing way to experience life not just as an abroad student, but as a Londoner. Since it is easy to schedule classes for only three or four days a week, there is a lot of time to explore the city on your own or travel to other countries. The program has an AMAZING staff who is always there to help you with anything you need, but is not going to tell you what to do if you're not looking for that. There are tons of opportunities for free field trips, interesting classes and more that really enhanced my experience.

How can this program be improved?
Some of the housing options are pretty shabby for the price that you're paying. We really didn't know what we were getting into when we signed our lease, but because of the limited time we did it anyways. A little more info on the properties/landlords would be nice.
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Because I have a ton to say but length reviews rarely get read completely, here are some short insights about my semester abroad in Strasbourg, France.

School: Your Ideal Facility
• Small, gorgeously designed facility. The house was actually an old war hide-out. No Pinocchio here! Ask the secretary, Sabrina!
• Computer cluster overlooking the beautiful Rhine River
• Involvement and interaction between various classes
• Extremely close to sandwich shops, bakeries, and other small food choice areas
• Close proximity to European Parliament (try an internship there!), the tramline, and where you'll stay
• You can actually take courses at the University of Strasbourg, too! (There are different options to choose when you start to apply abroad.)

Academics and Professors: Remember that "study" part of "study abroad?"
• Knowledgable, resourceful staff (ask Sabrina for student discount opportunities, grocery stores, printing questions, anything. That woman knows this city.)
• Your normal college workload, if not a bit less (no classes on Fridays. More time to do cool Eurpeany things.)
• Athletic programs you can take through the U of Strasbourg like rock climbing


City Culture and Travel: Get to Know It!
• Marvelous Christmas Market (ever heard of hot wine?) (type "Strasbourg France" into Google. It's one of the most searched terms.)
• Various night clubs and bars (check out Barco Latino, a bar on a boat that's actually in the Rhine River. Is that neat, or is that neat?)
• The Cathedral. No words.
• Fresh baguettes. That are actually still warm when you buy them. They're everywhere (even in gas stations! Would you believe that?)
• Speaking of gas stations, they're a neat resource within themselves. Fruit, wine, baguettes, veggies, snacks. They've got everying. Oh, and gas.
• Easy travel across the city from your pre-paid tram pass from the school (stop at random stops and explore. Strasbourg has so much dynamic.)
• Cyclists. EVERYWHERE. Rent a bike and you'll be set to travel the city. Most professors bike to work. Seeing professionals in business attire riding bikes will become normal to you. Also, get yourself a solid bike lock. Strasbourgers don't joke around with bikes.
• 15 minutes from Kiel, Germany (rumors are that the tram will extend right to Kiel instead of having to take a tram and a bus). Also, not so secret secret: Germany's prices are usually lower than France's. Try shopping at the Kiel mall. You'll save some Euros for drinks later.
• Incredible ease of travel outside the country (e.g. Ryan Air flights are astoundingly cheap. Weekend trip to London for 21 Euros? Sold.)
• Petite France, a conglomerate of higher-end restaurants with picturesque outdoor seating and lighting. Head back over to Google and check up on that.
• Museums everywhere. (Not as abundant as cyclists or warm baguettes, but there are a lot.)
• Gorgeous train station (Remember Google? Look up Gare Centrale. It looks like the outside of a roly poly bug.)
• Movie theater: French spoken, French with English subtitles, and English. Who could ask for more accommodation than that?

How can this program be improved?
Concerns: Being Careful
• Travel in groups for the most part, but wander alone at times. It's nice to get away, and the city is safe.
• Watch your purses and bags. This is a tip for Europe in general (mostly outside of Strasbourg)
• People WILL loiter. Outside of post offices, gas stations, churches, anywhere there is a door, they will hold it for you and expect change. Don't feel obligated to give them money. If you do, you may spend the amount your tuition is. Smile and thank them. Just be polite, but don't get walked on.
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