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Teacher's Friend - Vietnam


Beautiful scenery, wonderful culture, great students and unparalleled opportunities to save money make Vietnam the ideal place to teach English. Teacher's Friend Vietnam (TFV), is a friendly new start-up service designed by teachers, for teachers.I am not a huge company or faceless organisation. I am a real person, offering personal, honest and reliable help and advice. My aim is to make incredible teaching opportunities easy and accessible for a fair fee. I offer a SUPER service- Specialised (I only work in Vietnam, because it is my passion!), Unique (I am the only service offering such comprehensive relocation assistance with the top language centres in Vietnam), Personalised (It's all about you), Empathetic (I've been there, done that and I know how you feel!!) and Reliable (I have partners ready and waiting to give you a top notch service, all of whom I worked with when I first came to Vietnam and many of whom are long-term friends.)


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Sign up with a friend and get $100 off per person.
Sign up within 21 days of initial enquiry and receive $50 off.
Now offering 150 hour internationally accredited TESOL in Vietnam and Cambodia.


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Yes, I recommend this program

She is the go-to person for advice on TEFL in Vietnam.

She is a great resource for contract review and negotiation and esl career advice. She reviewed my contract and terms and helped me secure a better offer: she also helped determine which city and neighborhood housing I should pick for housing.

She also knows a lot about how to get set up in Vietnam long term. She is well versed on relative area security, raising kids there and the international school situation.

Finally she is knowledgeable about the international school business in Vietnam. She knows how it works and what qualifications you need to get involved.

The one and only resource for Vietnam teachers. Highly recommended.

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
Pho is amazing the food is great here. Also be sure to try che, buncha and bang mi thit.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Moving to Vietnam to teach English is an adventure to say the least. Like all adventures, it has its good and bad days. Georgie was there for me, on both the good and the bad. She was always there to support me and give me advice when I was freaking out about things- anything ranging from feeling home sick, to housing, to jobs, to just general anxious moments. That's what makes Georgie's service so invaluable: having someone who genuinely cares and will always help you out, like a real friend would!
When it came to finding jobs she put me into contact with different schools and I quickly had interviews lined up. Her connections in the ESL community in Vietnam another one of her assets.
It's a good feeling knowing someone's in your corner, especially someone as able and kind as Georgie. I highly recommend Teacher's Friend to anyone thinking of moving to Vietnam.

Yes, I recommend this program

I would highly recommend to anyone who might be interested in teaching abroad. It's perfect if you're looking to go more independently and not through an organization, but still have support and advice from someone who has lived and taught in Vietnam for many years. This experience has opened my eyes to places and opportunities I never thought I'd have. And I can say with confidence that Teacher's Friend is true to their name, as I honestly do feel like I have a friend looking out for me at all times and is there if I ever need anything. Day in and day out, you can see that she genuinely cares about each of her clients and wants nothing but for them to be happy and succeed. I have fallen in love with Hanoi and Vietnam as a whole and I cannot say that I would have had the same reaction or experiences had it not been for Georgie and her guidance and assistance!

What would you improve about this program?
My only suggestion would be perhaps a revised pre departure info packet and maybe more open communication with the language centre where clients would be getting their TESOL.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Last year, I decided to teach English in Vietnam. After searching through online programs, I finally found one that suited my needs. Georgie helped me with my application and sent them to competitive schools in the area I requested. She helped me secure the job before I landed. After I arrived in Vietnam, she set me up with a tour and a contact. The contact showed me some great local spots to eat and drink. She helped relieve anxiety about moving to another country and offered support whenever I needed. Georgie placed me in a language school that I really enjoy. I have made many friends since coming to Vietnam and it is thanks to Georgie's understanding of the English teaching market. Without Georgie's assistance, I think I would have been more nervous to move my whole life abroad.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Moving to Vietnam from Canada to teach seemed daunting at the beginning but Teacher's Friend truly made the transition so much easier. Georgie made sure that I was fully prepared before I left for Vietnam, making sure I had everything in place (proper visa, documents etc) as well as provided me with all of the knowledge I would need for when I arrived. Once I got to Hanoi, I started working almost instantly for an extremely credible company. I have now been in Vietnam for 5 months and Georgie continues to support me whenever I have any concerns. She is always ready to help, extremely positive, and kind! Georgie truly has a unique service that offers security, peace of mind, and a friend who has your back through your transition into becoming a teacher. I would recommend TFV to anyone looking to teach in Vietnam!


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Staff Interviews

Staff interviews are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

What is your favorite travel memory?

One of my favorite travel memories was being "adopted" by a group of local Vietnamese friends who lived in Nha Trang.

We met them at a waterfall and while I spoke no Vietnamese and them no English, they invited us to join their picnic. We had a lovely afternoon together and went and had drinks and coffee with them afterwards. This progressed to being invited back to their house for dinner, where we all sat on the floor and ate a communal meal - again communicating using lots of gestures, hand movements and smiles.

After, they invited us to go dancing with them as it was Halloween and there was a big party happening in town. At 2am, they told us that we must meet them the next day so they could take us fishing! It was lovely to be shown around by such friendly locals.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

As the director of this company, it amazes me how much people appreciate the service which we offer. It has made me realize that the biggest part of moving abroad is actually the small things - the tiny nagging questions, the uncertainty, the unnecessary stress.

I've learned that taking care of the small stuff often makes everything else fall into place. This means a lot of work and forward planning on our behalf, to make everything perfect for the teachers.

Our number one aim is to make everything as stress free as possible.

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

As a start up company offering year long contracts for teachers, all of our teachers are currently still in Vietnam. One girl planned to be in Vietnam for four to six months and within two weeks had signed a year long contract - perfect!

Some teachers stay in touch with us regularly throughout their time in Vietnam, sending us the odd question such as the best places to eat, places to visit and advice on anything and everything, while others spread their wings and fly the moment they land - because we prepared them well for everything before they arrived.

We are happy to put you in touch with our current teachers already in Vietnam to hear what they have to say!

If you could go on any program that your company offers, which one would you choose and why?

Currently, we only offer programs to Vietnam, because it's one of the best countries for teaching English. The people are friendly, the wages are high, the cost of living is low and the scenery is incredible!

However, in the future we hope to expand our services to other South East Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand and China.

What makes your company unique? When were you especially proud of your team?

Our company is unique because it is built by teachers, for teachers. We have all been there, made the mistakes and come out stronger for it.

Our aim is to get you there, and make you stronger but with as few mistakes as possible and a lot of fun on the way. We made the mistakes, so you don't have to.

Also, we aim to be not just a company but a friend to our teachers. We go far beyond the demands of the contract and really offer our expertise as a friend, not a business. When comparing prices for other similar Teach Abroad programs, we are by far the cheapest and offer the most value, time and support to our teachers.

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

The biggest factor in the success of our company is the people and the excellent customer service.

Everyone here has lived in Vietnam teaching English or is a local, so we all know the place like the back of our hand. We all LOVE Vietnam, and so get just as excited when sending people on their trips as the new teachers do!

I love seeing the results that we provide, and taking away that first time abroad stress.

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