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Many countries have considered a TESOL certification a pre-requisite to successfully securing a job as an instructor in the English language. The TESOL Coach Master training program will familiarize students with systematic lesson plans, effective classroom management, and efficient teaching techniques.

TESOL Coach Master founded 2018 are partnered with The American Global Management Association (AGMA) – a Florida Limited Liability Corporation established in 2009. The company is in the Vocational Adult Education space and it is mission is to create and deliver practical vocational Business and TESOL programs. AGMA differentiates itself by creating and/or Syndication Education Programs with a goal of VOCATIONAL practicality.

TESOL Coach Master’s aim is to empower the future English teachers by providing them a practical, quick, friendly and affordable TESOL course program to find their ESL or other English Teaching Job anywhere in the world.


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Yes, I recommend this program

I’ve always been cautious on the things that I do so I usually make thorough research on a certain program before I indulge myself into it— until I came across TCM. Honestly, this is such an amazing opportunity to widen your knowledge on teaching skills, abilities, and personalities not just in the Philippines but also abroad. It also gave me the chance to meet amazing people, like Mr. Nico Bantayanon, who’ve always been helpful all throughout this process, leaving no queries unanswered. TCM is proven to be legit, convenient (self-paced) and worth it of someone’s money and effort. A smart investment indeed! Right now, I am spreading this information to people who, like me, have dreams to grow their careers as teachers abroad. I wish TCM the best and may you continue to extend this legacy to many more aspiring teachers. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

All the way from Kuwait,
Teacher Vira

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The Cuong
Yes, I recommend this program

Thanks so much for your sessions. It really motivated me to change my approach to teach English. I can honestly say that putting your tips and tools into practice made me feel more confident, helped me to get more feedback on my work from students and allowed me to figure out a teaching style that I'm finally comfortable with.
Your encouragement changed my perspective on things entirely. Real insight and complete focus.
This was the most successful training course I have attended; your understanding of the challenges of our particular project and your skill in engaging the participants was outstanding.
The most interesting, productive and enjoyable online course that I've ever been to
Thank you for sharing an inspiring learning experience.

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Yes, I recommend this program

First and foremost, thank you so much for helping me out. I had a very bad experience from the previous TESOL course I have gotten from a different group and finding Sir Nico's group was heaven sent. There are three things I would like to commend them for:
1. The course is very affordable and the terms of payment is very easy considerate.
2. The course is very convenient. Being a busy person I was able to complete the course in my own pace. Some modules may be challenging but it will really draw out the creativity in you.
3. Very accommodating. I had tons of queries and I would sometimes ask them during unholy hours and I would always get a complete answer immediately. I have been assisted from start to completion.
You will definitely get more than your money's worth when you enroll in this course.

What would you improve about this program?
There is nothing that I would change in this course.
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Yes, I recommend this program

I'm teacher Ellen. I am from TESOL Coach Master Batch 008. I was enrolled and a proud graduate of TESOL Coach Master 150 hour Online TESOL Certification Course. In my 3-4 weeks, I was in proper management and was guided correctly to my course requirements. Mr. Nico James Bantayanon was a great help during the process. He was not just only giving feedback to the finished module tasks rather he was also replying to the concerns regarding the class. If I am to recommend the course, I'll give them 2 thumbs up and will shout congratulations. May TESOL Coach Master will continue building more skillful, talented, dedicated, brilliant and value-oriented teachers. I salute to all Filipino teachers around the world. I big heart from Vietnam to our home, Philippines.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
To the future travelers on this program, I hope you will find time to enroll in TESOL Coach Master 150 hour Online Certification Course. I hope you will finish your quality tasks on the said period of time.
Yes, I recommend this program

Enrolled to TESOL Coach master to only get English certificate. Ended up obtaining various ESL/EFL teaching principles and techniques that made me a better teacher to my learners. The course is valuable for beginners and for people who are already on the field of ESL/EFL. It gives takers flexibility and relevant resources to complete the course at your own pace. As meticulous as I am, I searched for Online Certificate websites and Tesol Coach Master is really the best choice as it's not only useful and inexpensive, but the website is user-friendly and feedbacks are timely given and you are able to interact effectively with the administrators for assistance. If you are looking for and wanting to get an English Certificate with exemplary modules and with workable finishing time, TESOL Coach Master is the BEST CHOICE!


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