CIEE Tropical Ecology + Conservation in Monteverde

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One of Monteverde's famous rainbows
One of Monteverde's famous rainbows
Backpacking in Penas Blancas
Backpacking in Penas Blancas
Tarantula Hawk Wasp
Santa Rosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Night hikes!
White faced capuchins near a coffeeshop in Monteverde
Boating in Tortuguero
Richard gives a bat talk
Thanksgiving at the field station!
The sunset view from the dining area at the Corcovado field station
The most amazing place on earth. AKA Monteverde.
A beautiful find on one of our many hikes
Playa Llorona, the destination of the first long day hike at Corcovado
The new meaning of "school".
Drinking coffee at a local permaculture farm- the best and most authentic meal I've ever had!
Richard Laval shows us a bat caught near Santa Rosa
Class. In a forest. By the river. Instead of in a desk. In a lecture hall. Inside a building. At home.
Some of the beautiful flora we saw every day
Looking for herps on a night hike.
On Playa Naranjo during one of our field trips
Very serious lesson about Psychotria elata, the "hot lips" flower.
Capuchins in Santa Rosa