What are the best places to take weekend trips when studying abroad in England?

Posted by Sophia Kuipers 2 years 6 months ago


Hi Sophia! I visited the following places around England on my weekends (and would recommend them! Each one has their own set of perks) - York, the Lake District, London, Newcastle, Manchester & Brighton. We drove to most of these destinations, too.

The best part of studying in England is that it's pretty easy to take a train to another part of the country (or another country in the UK) for a weekend trip. Some of my favorite destinations I visited during my year abroad were Brighton (on the southern shore, 45 minute train), Cardiff (in Wales, 3-4 hours by train, if memory serves), and Edinburgh (in Scotland, 5+ hours by train, better for a long/Bank Holiday weekend). You can also take the Eurostar from London to Paris on long weekends!