Academics: 3
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

I decided to go on a trip with LeadAbroad without knowing anyone who would also be on the trip. It turned out that a girl from my sorority was going on the trip too, but we didn't know each other super well. Greece Direct would not have been as incredible of an experience without the friendships I gained along the way. Now, that sorority sister and I are very close, along with our entire group from the trip! I am so glad that I chose to experience Greece for two weeks with a program that is so focused on building relationships, embracing the culture and making every moment count. I am graduating in May, but if I had the opportunity to go on another trip with LeadAbroad, I would in a heartbeat!!! Greece is such a magical place. The Greece Direct trip is perfect because we got to spend a week in Athens and a week in Santorini. Athens is a city that was so welcoming and full of culture and history. It is huge, but by the time our week was up, I felt so comfortable in the city. I loved the people and don't even get me started on the food! ;) Santorini is basically a dream. Amazing beaches, beautiful water and entire villages on the top of massive rocks in the ocean. It is the coolest place! I loved the diversity of the trip in getting to experience the amazing historical background of Greece, along with one of the most beautiful islands in the world!!

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