thoroughly prepares you for teaching

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Value: 10
Academic Rigor: 10
Job Assistance: 10

This TEFL Course in Buenos Aires is very well designed and thoroughly prepares you for teaching English online or abroad, in a variety of teaching settings. All Trainers here are very knowledgeable and are always available if you have questions. I began this class feeling completely out of my comfort zone, but at the end of the program I left feeling confident in myself, in my teaching style and I had some amazing new friends from different nationalities. I feel so lucky for having chosen this program and tell everyone I know that this is the TEFL program to choose in Argentina.
The skills I learned here are invaluable and have helped me further my career as an English teacher. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to obtain a TEFL certificate. I doubt that there is any better tefl course in Buenos Aires so if you are thinking about doing a tefl course in Argentina, choose this one!

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