Stop waiting and just do it

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Really happy to say that I feel an improvement in my Japanese level after just a few weeks of online lessons at Meiji. I didn't start from zero, I had learned for around 8 months by myself and frankly I had Meiji Academy in my bookmarks for a long time now, but I felt too shy and embarrassed to take classes with real japanese teachers so I was postponing it until I was more confident in my level. Don't do this!! the only way to get confident speaking is practicing your speaking, especially with good teachers who will not judge you and instead will try to help you and correct your mistakes. Don't expect other natives to correct your every mistake, it's not fun and there's a reason teachers get paid. So if you want to improve your confidence, take some lessons and you will see the difference real quick. Back to studying on my own for a while, I can't afford more lessons for now (they're not too expensive I'm just broke)

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