teachers are the highlight

Content: 10
Engagement: 9
Support: 8
Platform: 8
Value: 9

I only took online lessons, so I can't really talk about the other staff members or the installations, but what I can tell you is that the other reviews I saw made me believe that whatever teacher I got would ensure I had a good learning experience, and the rumors are true. I'm not sure I can disclose any names but I had two different female teachers (they were Japanese obviously) during my 4 weeks of studies and every time I had classes I was just very excited to talk to them! I didn't want to just focus on grammar as my speaking abilities are lacking nowadays and both really understood that and made sure to give me some proper practice. My internet is good so I never experienced connectivity issues and classes always started on time. On some occasions it felt more like therapy than lessons honestly, the teachers are really caring and give their all in each hour.

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Yes, I would
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