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This is the third time I book 2 weeks of lessons at Meiji Academy and I always ask to focus 50% on grammar (specifically JLPT N3 grammar) and 50% on conversation. I feel like this is one of the main things I like about this academy, they do listen and are open to be flexible about their lessons. I have taken classes at other places (both private and group lessons) and while they are decent or even great, they usually stick to their own method of teaching and don't adapt their lessons for the specific students they are trying to teach. On the other hand, private classes at meiji are exactly what you want them to be. Apart from what I just said I make sure to study kanji and vocab on my own (Shinkansen master is my recommendation). Those two things you can practice on your own with some anki decks or whatever, but have you tried teaching yourself N3 grammar? Yeah that's not happening, at least for me. Once you're done with Genki 1 and 2 the grammar get severely confusing and self-learning means taking the risk of learning something wrong and using a structure incorrectly forever.
If you're not about that life, book a few lessons and ask for the 50-50 treatment, Meiji will not dissapoint. 頑張ってね

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