Stop lying to yourself

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I used to think I had no time to study languages, I'm a uni student and I do some part time jobs and sometimes I get home and all I want to do is sit down and play videogames. Therefore I had this weak mentality that I just didn't have the energy and time to commit to being productive in any other way. One day, a friend of mine who also wants to learn Japanese recommended Meiji Academy to me and it was on. It looked very legit and I simply went ahead and booked some lessons during a small motivation rush. You know what? You do have energy for a small practice session, I promise you once you're there you'll forget why it took you so long to get back on track. What I did not realize before these lessons is how rusty I was, it's not like I had forgotten all my Japanese but it definitely took some time to come back and I'm still on my way to getting back my confidence. Their classes have a nice mix of conversation and grammar so it's easy to follow and you always feel like you're progressing. If you don't have the time or the opportunity to go to in person classes, this is your best option for sure. We might even be classmates at some point.

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