Lucky that I found them

Content: 10
Engagement: 9
Support: 8
Platform: 9
Value: 9

I had been wanting to come back to my Japanese classes here in person but the school I attended recently was closed permanently. It was the only school near my home that taught Japanese and it had a good reputation. I had saved a post from this academy I saw on instagram and checked out their website. I saw other websites and this school looked prettier and more organized, also the prices were easier to understand than the rest. Maybe my english is not too good but some websites I just can't understand their process and it's confusing.
Anyways I took the free lesson and was hooked, it was really fun and I had never had a native teacher, so I did a whole 3 weeks of classes which felt like a semester of learning, very good teachers and steady speed, I'm grateful

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Yes, I would
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