Amazing experience

Impact: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

My trip with Greenheart Travel was amazing. The program manager, Jennifer, was always available to help me throughout my process. I remember the day of the trip, I called her while I was at the airport because I was nervous and we talked until I was ready to go. As a traveler, you definitely have the support of the members of the program.
Living in the volunteer house was a learning experience. I was learning about the Vietnamese culture from the local volunteers; I was also able to interact with volunteers from other countries such as South Africa, England, Estonia and Finland.
The couple who was in charge welcomed me as a member of the family. They were always checking on me. One of my favorite part of the day was meal time. One reason was the food; the other reason was the daily' stories/adventures that were shared during meal time.
In terms of work, the schedules were different. I taught in the morning and in the afternoon. However, I had the weekends off to explore and go sightseeing. Depending on your schedule, you might be able to visit a nearby town.
I went over the summer so it can get extremely hot. In addition, respect the culture. Despite the country you are visiting, it is good to take into consideration their dress code.
I loved my experience in Vietnam and with Greenheart Travel. I look forward to another program with them.

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