Apply to win a
$15,000 Study Abroad
Scholarship in New Zealand

The Grand Prize

  • Full semester tuition up to $15,000 USD
  • Roundtrip flight sponsored by STA Travel STA Logo
  • Deadline to apply: October 11th, 2019

Additional Funding

Some of the universities participating in this scholarship are offering additional scholarships, up to $1,000 USD. You must apply to those separately.

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Where can I study?

There are 8 New Zealand Universities and 3 participating institutes of technology and polytechnics. Those are the only schools you can apply the scholarship funds towards. You can enroll directly, or go through any of the participating providers listed.

Note: In addition to applying for the scholarship, you must also apply to the institution(s) in order to use the scholarship if you win.

New Zealand Scholarship Universities

Meet Last Year's Winner

Hailey Suina, a student at the Institute of American Indian Arts, won the 2018 scholarship to study at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) through ISA. She just returned from her semester in New Zealand, and there are whisperings of her returning to study for a PhD exploring the benefits of education exchanges between Māori students and indigenous students in the US.

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Last Year's winner of the New Zealand Scholarship

Why Study Abroad in New Zealand?


If adventure is your game, then New Zealand is the place for you. Get your adrenaline fix by bungee jumping, skydiving, caving, canyoning, rafting, zip lining, and much more.


With 8 world class universities and 13 institutes of technology and polytechnics, New Zealand ensures an internationally recognized education with an emphasis on independent thinking and innovation.


Home to dozens of vibrant communities, including globally renowned artists, musicians, and chefs, New Zealand is a world-class destination for experiencing vibrant cities.


With beautiful landscapes just a moment away from all of New Zealand's cities, New Zealanders (and you, too!) can explore mountain vistas, ancient forests, volcanic landscapes, and stunning coastlines.


Connect with fellow international students, Kiwi students, professors, and your host community to find your place, and come to think of New Zealand as home.

Future Proof Yourself

Use your time studying abroad to prepare yourself for the future. Learn to think for yourself, gain practical, hands-on skills, and add real-world experience in New Zealand to complement academic knowledge.

How to apply

1. Start application and choose your top 3 programs

2. Submit a short essay and upload a creative photo

3. Apply to the institution(s) of your choice