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The University Partner Program is for colleges and universities who want to recruit study abroad students. Receive more traffic to your website by promoting your institution on Go Overseas, creating amazing unique content, and helping new students discover your program.


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Elevated traffic & expanded content

or $100/month

Est. Traffic To Your Website
750 visitors/year
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Basic includes:
  • Promotion on
    country and city pages
  • 2 staff interviews
  • 2 alumni interviews
  • Upgraded profile (no ads)

Enhanced presence, personalized support

or $200/month

Est. Traffic To Your Website
1,500 visitors/year
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Plus includes:
  • Promotion on
    country, city, and subject pages
  • 3 staff interviews
  • 3 alumni interviews
  • Upgraded profile (no ads)
  • Annual 1-on-1
    metrics consulting

Maximum visibility
and support

or $500/month

Est. Traffic To Your Website
4,000 visitors/year
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Premium includes:
  • Promotion on
    country, city, subject, and season pages
  • 5 staff interviews
  • 5 alumni interviews
  • Upgraded profile (no ads)
  • Bi-annual 1-on-1
    metrics consulting



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5 Business Days

We'll review your listings and offer feedback on how to optimize your content.

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Your listings look great and are well promoted to start driving more prospects to your website!

Benefits of Becoming a University Partner

Enhanced Profile

Partner universities have enhanced listings with no ads from other institutions. Partner listings include interviews from alumni and staff, which help prospective students learn about life on your campus.

Free Listing exampleClient Listing Example

Promotion on Relevant Pages

Partners rank ahead of non-clients on relevant pages throughout the site. Non-partner listings rank organically based on their quality, but never ahead of partners.

Promoted Listing Example

High Quality Direct Traffic

Each partner gets support from the Go Overseas content team to optimize your profile and listing(s) to help give students a snapshot of what life is like on your campus. When they leave Go Overseas for your site, they're already excited to learn more about your programs. The screenshot below is an example of the high-quality user interactions a great listing could receive:

High Quality Traffic

Personalized Metrics and Conversion Consultation

Plus and premium partners receive personalized metrics consulting from our content experts. We'll compare your site analytics to ours and examine the quality of traffic across both sites. We'll then pinpoint areas where content can be revised to maximize your pages' performance and conversion rate.

Personalized Metrics
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