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The Types of People & Companies that Attend NAFSA

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The NAFSA 2017 Annual Conference & Expo is fast approaching. On May 28th, international education professionals from around the world will converge in Los Angeles to spend six days learning, growing, and driving the entire field forward.

It's not too late to register for this year's event, but you may wonder if it's really worth attending. In partnership with NAFSA, we've put together a resource showing the benefits of attending NAFSA this year. We'll be there too, so if you're attending, feel free to contact us and we'd love to connect!

Who Attends NAFSA?

The NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo is attended by over 10,000 people from over 100 countries. Attendees come from five major community segments: Education Abroad (Study Abroad); International Enrollment Management; International Student and Scholar Services; International Education Leadership; and Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship. In short, it is the event to attend if you're looking to connect with international educational professionals.

Rather than reduce the diversity by attempting to summarize the sectors and industries who attend NAFSA each year, here's a comprehensive list:

  • Colleges, Universities, and State/Country Consortia
  • Credentials Evaluation
  • E-Learning
  • Embassies and Government Agencies
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Providers
  • Financial Services
  • Foreign Language Schools
  • Immigration Law, Visa, or Tax Services
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance and Medical Assistance Companies
  • Intercultural Publications and Programs
  • International Student Recruitment
  • Marketing Products and Campus Merchandise
  • Security Risk Management
  • Service Learning and Volunteering Abroad
  • Student Housing and Furnishings
  • Study, Internship, and Work Abroad
  • Telecommunications
  • Testing Services
  • Translation
  • Travel and Tourism

If you see your industry on this list, or one your business could develop working relationships in, you can expect to meet fellow professionals from this area at NAFSA this year.

3 Ways NAFSA Can Help Your Company Grow

As mentioned, NAFSA is a rare opportunity to bring together industry professionals across the global education system. Most companies that attend leave the annual event with connections and opportunities for business growth. Here are three quick reasons attending NAFSA can help your business:

  1. You will connect with new and current decision-makers from around the world. These introductions can foster long-term relationships that help grow your team and improve your bottom line, plus allow you the opportunity to add your company voice to the discussion on pivotal decisions that affect international education.
  2. You will have repeated opportunities for face-to-face networking. In the age of the internet and the ability to work remotely and while traveling, NAFSA offers a single place where you will have multiple opportunities to put faces to names you may have only seen in your inbox previously. The value of these personal interactions cannot be understated.
  3. NAFSA is an annual but unique event in both focus and scope. The annual NAFSA conference allows educators, advisors, and organizations to come together and discuss policy issues. At the event, conversations can begin which tackle these issues and make decisions to positively affect the future of international education.

NAFSA is more than a conference or expo in the traditional sense; it as a business venue and actionable decisions and relationships are forged.

How NAFSA Can Help Your Personal & Professional Growth

In addition to providing benefits at a business level, attending NAFSA can help you develop as a professional. If you are among one of the 10,000+ attendees, imagine how many opportunities you will have to grow your professional and personal network. Additionally, you can become a NAFSA member and receive professional and personal benefits throughout the year.

NAFSA Provides Opportunity

As an international education professional, you know how dynamic and diverse the field can be. It never hurts to connect with fellow professionals, as this may lead to both collaborative business opportunities and personal relationships that enhance your passion for work.

NAFSA Offers Continual Support

As a NAFSA member, you can attend year-round networking and collaboration opportunities, segmented by professional interest, special interest, and outreach. Membership grants you access to a rolodex of the top and rising professionals in international education. There are also member networks throughout the world that offer continued support, mentorship, and leadership development. You will receive access to special member-only publications including the award-winning publication, International Educator.

NAFSA is Dynamic

Inspired by feedback from members year-round -- and from the annual conference and expo -- NAFSA is continually working to enhance their offerings to better meet (or exceed) the needs of the international education community. NAFSA strives to be a leader in the community and industry and be your top resource for information and opportunities to help your personal and professional growth.

Click on the registration button below and select full-conference registration to begin your NAFSA registration process. You may add additional programs including networking lunches, NAFSA Film Festival events, Global Learning Colloquia, or a Workshop to your event plan.

Ready to Attend NAFSA 2017?