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If you’re ready for an urban adventure, Buenos Aires is your city. With endless city districts and neighborhoods to explore, you will get lost in the sights and sounds of Buenos Aires. Tango the night away as you learn the country’s popular dance, attend one of the many soccer games, and browse the local art scene—all this and more awaits you as a study abroad student in Buenos Aires.

Open to students of all language levels, the Latin American Societies & Cultures Program allows you to improve your Spanish language skills while taking courses in Business, Humanities, and Social Sciences, all of which feature an academic emphasis on Latin America. Buenos Aires will be your classroom. During your term, you'll enjoy more than 30 cultural events and trips with IES Abroad!


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Yes, I recommend this program

Words Can't Describe the Life of Being Abroad

Study abroad can simply be expressed as an experience to embark on. With the opportunity to study abroad, you test yourself within the academic, interpersonal and professional setting. Being in an environment outside of my comfort-zone exposed me to the individual power that I have as a person to enhance my once in a lifetime experience by focusing on what is best and ideal for me.

Please know when studying abroad: Allow yourself to vulnerable to whichever circumstance, especially abroad, while also being on your P’s and Q’s of the country. Regardless of the mistakes made, it will make for a realistic experience, as study abroad, nor life is perfect. Be okay with being by yourself, and travelling by yourself, as it strengthens your language and people skills.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I need to go back. ASAP.

I never really thought that Study Abroad would have the impact on me that it did. In fact, I was terribly nervous on the flight down to Argentina. I was worried that, since no one from my university was going, I wouldn't make any friends, and that my lower level of Spanish would be too inadequate to survive. When I got to my homestay and met my roommate, however, I realized that I'd always have at least one good friend during the semester and that I could make it through just fine.

Very quickly, as time went on and as IES Abroad took our whole program on tours and group-bonding activities, I became comfortable and stress-free. The IES staff was ready and available for any questions and concerns that I had, and make every activity engaging. As far as what we did on these tours, words and pictures can only go so far as to describe the beauty and diversity of the city.

The IES program classes started, soon followed by the single partner-university class that I took at Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA). My proficiency in Spanish quickly advanced and I could feel myself becoming a porteño more and more by the day. Some classes took time. It was important to section off a piece of my time at the homestay to sit down and read the required material for my classes. This wasn't a big problem at all, however, because going out at night all happened after 11pm (at the earliest). It took me a few weeks, but developing a consistent schedule for homework and free time was very helpful in making sure I did all that I wanted to. Of course, I wasn't perfect about my routine every day, but getting it all done is all that matters.

IES organized both free trips for us and optional paid ones. I tried to do as many as possible and they were all phenomenal. I can not think back on my time abroad without remembering fondling and longingly the tango show, the futbol game, La Boca, Salta and Jujuy, and all of the other group activities we went on.

Trips with friends were also highlights of my time there. With the close friends I made, we made trips to Colonia, Uruguay; Santiago, Chile; and Puerto Madyrn in Patagonia.

As well, with PALS, the student organization at UCA that hosts events and trips for international students, I went to Iguazu Falls. The intense spiritual and jaw-dropping natural wonders I saw there changed my life and really did make me shed a tear.

I think what I miss the most now are the small things I had in my routine there. Nearly every day after classes I would go to the same cafe and talk with the men working, Abel and Ramon, who quickly became my friends. I would talk with the woman I gave my laundry to and chat with the man I bought fruit from as well. When you go abroad, to Argentina or to wherever you find yourself, I highly suggest you take time to talk with the people you see every day. There's a lot you can learn from the locals that take pride in their work both in the slang they can teach you and in the lessons on life they have. Abel also showed me some great porteño music.

All too often now, I find myself thinking back on the friends I made, the museums I visited, the empanadas I ate, the vibrant and exciting nightlife, and all the little interactions around the city that I may have taken for granted. I have to go back to Buenos Aires, and all of Argentina, and all of South America, because it truly is a part of who I am now, as cliché as that may be.

What would you improve about this program?
I honestly don't think there's anything I would change about the program itself. If I were to change anything, it would be my actions. I would have left my bedroom more often and seen all the sights I wanted to.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Culture, History, and Language Galore

Studying abroad in Buenos Aires through IES gave me the best possible experience I could have asked for. I got to do everything I was expecting to be able to do, like traveling, improving my Spanish, making international friends, exploring the nature of Argentina, and more. More importantly, however, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience in ways I didn't expect. I got to deeply understand the culture and history of a country I admittedly knew very little about before going there, and I now feel intimately connected to a completely different part of the world. The community of Buenos Aires was so intertwined with all of my experiences there that I left feeling like I had truly become a knowledgeable part of it. IES gave me so many of the opportunities I took to get connected to the city, and I am so thankful that they as a program understand that studying abroad is a multifaceted experience. In classes and outside of classes, IES provided the framework I needed to have my ideal study abroad experience.

What would you improve about this program?
This program is pretty great as is, and I cannot think of an obvious improvement.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Unforgettable Semester

I had the absolute time of my life with IES Abroad. I miss every second of it and wish I could do it again. I became so close with the IES faculty as they treated myself and the other students like family. Buenos Aires is an incredible place that each person should experience in their life. Argentina is a true wonder to be seen. Nothing beats empanadas and steak. Most amazing country I have ever visited without doubt.

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Yes, I recommend this program

IES Abroad: Buenos Aires - couldn't put words to it!

What are you looking for in a study abroad experience? I had no idea going through the process but I can tell you for sure what IES offered that I did not expect.

1. For one, the academics. IES classes were incredibly small and intimate, my Spanish class was only 6 people! In the past this would have freaked me out but our teacher made us beyond comfortable and we all knew each other so well that we all weren't afraid or embarrassed to try even if we failed! The other classes were equally engaging - I actually loved going to class everyday and the teachers were so conscious to not give us busy work because they knew we were there to learn about the culture! I came out of the program feeling like I learned so much and yet had time to enjoy as well!!

2. The people! I was expecting IES Abroad staff and professors to be like all professors, they are "there for you" but they also have their own lives. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE AT ALL! IES professors AND staff would give us hugs, give us emotional support, and ultimately just root for our success. They would give us treats on American holidays they knew we might miss and teach us about their holidays! They would hug us in the morning and ask about our weekends! They would help us find a doctor or a cell phone or just give us advice about what to do in the city! This staff was the most incredible group of people they could have compiled, they 100% exceeded expectations!

3. The host families! I guess these count as people too but they deserve their own category! There were only 3 people coming into our program that were not staying with a host and by the end there was only 1! The families that IES found were long standing, had been with the program for longer than they could remember, were incredibly sweet and even more knowledgable about the city we were all so excited to explore! My family gave me love, advice, a hard time (as all good families do), and just made me feel so at home coming in!

I could not recommend this program more! I really did not know what to expect coming into study abroad - I was mostly basing my ideas off of my sister's experience - but I could not have been more impressed with the organization and care that IES committed to their students! These are people and this was a time I will never forget!!

What would you improve about this program?
Honestly I have an open mind but IES more than exceeded expectations and was always willing to work with students to fix any problems! Finding big things to improve on would be hard!
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Yes, I recommend this program

An Unforgettable Journey

My experience in Buenos Aires was truly unforgettable. That is a cliche thing to say, I know, as it is said by virtually each and every student who studies abroad. But I truly believe that my time not only in Buenos Aires, but specifically with IES was a special one to say the least. Buenos Aires is a magical city. You have the South American culture, yet in a very European-like, metropolitan city. The Spanish is so beautiful, yet the people are even more so - in their looks and in their actions. They are kind, welcoming, encouraging, and respectful, and they make you want to experience their hometown like they have. I had this experience both with random locals I met, with my host family, and with the people who worked with IES. IES truly could not have made me feel more at home in a city so far and so different from my actual home than they did. The opportunities for community they provided, their services and encouragement they continuously offered, and the ways in which they challenged me to do my best and to make the most out of my experience was second to none, and was with out a doubt one of, if not the, greatest factor in making my time abroad so spectacular. If i could do it again, I would. A thousand times over.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Abroad in Buenos Aires

IES Abroad was a fantastic experience. I lived in a homestay in the neighborhood of Palermo-- definitely one of the best parts of the city! Living in a big city was such a fun experience and there is always something to do. The classes can be very easy or very challenging depending on how much Spanish immersion you want in your experience. IES accepts a wide range of students with an equally wide range of Spanish speaking abilities, so you can choose to make your classes easier or harder on yourself. Their orientation week is amazing and jam packed with fun activities around the area. The staff is super accommodating and will do whatever they can to help students have a great experience abroad. I miss Buenos Aires so much and I can't wait to go back!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Living Large in Buenos Aires

Oh boy, I'm sure I have a few chart topping stories to bum you out, but my favorite unique experience is definitely a positive. I was alone for a short break and I decided to travel on the other side of the country. On a whim, on the side of a mountain (I was hiking in Jujuy) I began to film myself. For the next two days I filmed 45 seconds every few hours of me: meeting new people, taking a break in a cafe, wheezing on a mountain, or seeing something beautiful.
I was able to appreciate so many things about the trip that I didn't know I would, and I actually watched my videos the other day. Without sitting behind a lens the whole time, I was able to experience a world full of sights and it was amazing. I would encourage anyone to try this at any time in their life. You never know what you might catch on camera.

What would you improve about this program?
There were some problems with the host university, but those are being worked on if I'm not mistaken.