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Buenos Aires will also be your classroom. Learn about visual arts in the city and then meet with local graffiti artists before seeing their work. Study the impact of globalization in Latin America and then get an internship with one of the country’s top businesses. Welcome to study abroad!

Open to students of all language levels, the Latin American Societies & Cultures Program allows you to improve your Spanish language skills while taking courses in the Arts, Humanities, Business, and Social Sciences, all of which feature an academic emphasis on Latin America.

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  • Fun 9.2
  • Housing 9.7
  • Safety 8.7
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Amazing experience!

I had an incredible experience in Buenos Aires. I got really close with the family that I lived with, who I loved, and also had so much space to adventure and explore the city. Buenos Aires is such an eclectic, fantastic, fun city and IES really helped me have such a great experience there- through them, I met so many great people, enjoyed a lot of planned excursions, learned about the history and context in my classes, and improved my Spanish by a ton!

Yes, I recommend this program
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The best semester.

My semester in Buenos Aires was amazing. The staff is awesome and always looking to improve your experience. I was placed with a wonderful host mother, who really made my experience. I was faced with the normal cultural shocks, such as adjusting to Argentine time standards ( or lack of!) but the staff and my host family really helped me to adjust. The culture of this city is so rich and so fascinating. Buenos Aires is a perfect place to study abroad.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Buenos Aires Study Abroad

Studying abroad in Buenos Aires is one of the best experiences I have ever had. The city is full of life and culture and the people are friendly and interesting. There is a variety of things to do both in the day and at night so it is hard to ever be bored. Although the public transportation can be a bit difficult to master, it is fairly easy to get around once you get the hang of it and it can take you to most places located within the city. I recommend that all students try to explore the various neighborhoods because they are all interesting and unique in their own ways.

IES Abroad offered a variety of classes that taught me about the history and culture of Argentina. They were fairly work intensive and I felt like I learned a lot in most of my classes. A few of them incorporated field trips which really made what we were learning come to life. If you are of an advanced level you can also take classes at the university which is a great way to strengthen your Spanish skills and meet Argentines.

I had a wonderful home stay experience through which I felt like I actually became part of an Argentine family rather than simply living with strangers. Having dinner with my home stay mother every night and discussing everything from politics to the best restaurants in the city, all in Spanish, was one of the highlights of the trip. Most home stays are located either near the IES center in Recoleta or in Palermo which can easily be reached by bus from the center. I highly recommend doing a home stay over living in the dorms, they are usually much nicer and offer you a much more authentic experience.

IES Abroad also planned a variety of trips ranging from visiting an estancia (Argentine version of a ranch) to a formal Argentine cuisine cooking class. Overall, the staff is friendly and helpful so if you are having trouble in a class or with a home stay, you can always turn to them. There is also time to do some traveling of your own which is a great way to see the rest of the country. Argentina is a huge country so make sure to plan accordingly, bus trips are usually around 18-20 hours and require some planning. I recommend going to Salta and Jujuy, Uruguay, and Mendoza. Buenos Aires is a really fun and metropolitan city but it is also important to see the rest of the country because each area is very different.

I strongly believe that everyone should study abroad and Buenos Aires is a great place to do so. It is Europeanized but located in South America which gives it an interesting mix of food, art, architecture and people.

How can this program be improved?
Although the staff is caring I think they should check in on students more frequently. Some students have trouble adjusting but are scared of being vocal about it, so if there was a more frequent check-in process these problems could be addressed and solved faster.
Yes, I recommend this program
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The best 4 months of your life-Buenos Aires

IES Abroad: Semester in Argentina was one of the most amazing experiences I have had. I studied abroad Spring 2012 and am counting down the days to go back. The staff, IES center and the city were all great. IES provided a lot of extra activities that were essential to making the program top notch. Some extra activities included, cooking class at one of the top universities in the country, drum class, tango classes, performances by different musical groups, tickets to the opera, trip to Tigre, and the list goes on. IES goes above and beyond to make each student feel comfortable and part of the culture of Buenos Aires. You can use as much or as little of the resources they provide.

I lived in a homestay and I could say that the students on my program all had positive experiences and IES worked closely to ensure we were all were happy. IES cares about what YOU want out of YOUR experience, which I feel is different than many other programs.

I was in the advance program and took classes at IES and at a local university. I would recommend you are 100% confident in the course you choose to take at the local university because it is more difficult then the courses at IES. The teachers at IES are great, fun and very helpful. My classes took fieldtrips to sites we were learning about in class. I also took the service learning course that provides you with an internship. Something unique to IES in Buenos Aires. My internship involved me going into Villa 21 (the slums of Buenos Aires) and working with youth there. Other internships included working at the public hospital shadowing doctors, marketing, promoters, etc.

The center is located in microcentro, which is in the heart of Buenos Aires... right off the avenue 9 de julio- the widest avenue in the world. I would say over the majority of students lived close enough to walk to class from their homes.

There is so much to explore in Buenos Aires and IES does a great job at providing you the opportunities to explore while giving you complete independence.

How can this program be improved?
More guidance in conversational spanish.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Buenos Aires

I studied abroad in Buenos Aires from 2009-2010 and it was a good experience. I lived with two different host families and was able to explore two different neighborhoods. I really enjoyed Buenos Aires and its unique barrios. Each barrio has a unique flavor and adds to the color of the city. I love empanadas. As a non red meat eater, I was able to survive as much of the cooking in the city of Buenos Aires has more of a Spanish/Italian flair...if you try the cuisine outside of the city you're sure to be in for a treat. When I was up north almost to the border with Brazil, I had ice cream made out of flowers and when I was all the way south, I had some of the best seafood ever (close second to the seafood of the Gulf Shores).

There are many cultural attractions, festivals, ferias, plays, comedy shows, and events that keep the city alive literally day or night.

I took classes at both IES and at the local universities. I was grateful to have the experience of being with my fellow Americans and getting to know other locals through my classes. I also really enjoyed my internship and learning about the social justice issues. There's a big contrast organizationally between how public universities are run in Argentina versus IES, but the academic staff was great in navigating through all of the paperwork.

I recommend this program and definitely studying abroad in general, it's a worthy experience!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Phenomenal Experience with IES in BsAs

Last fall semester (2011) abroad in Buenos Aires with IES was an experience I will never forget.

From the moment I stepped off the plane, I was in the hands of friendly, capable, and helpful IES staff (most of whom were Porteños). The orientation period was honestly one of the highlights of the trip; it gave us the opportunity to really immerse ourselves in the Argentine culture right away by providing tours around the city, day trips to estancias, and quality time to bond with our new teachers and the orientation staff. It also allowed us to really get to know our new peers and classmates.

The home stay that IES provided me could not have been better. I was placed in a family of eight, including a dog, and was welcomed home everyday with heartwarming ladrido! My Spanish (Castellano) got infinitely better just by living with my family, and it helped that their patience was also infinite.

The city of Buenos Aires itself was simply spectacular. A huge metropolitan area constantly animated by the energy of millions of people. Walking around the streets was in itself an enjoyment as I was subsequently sucked into the fast-paced hustle and bustle of an inner city. There was so much to see and and so much to do, I only wish I could have spent a year (or 2, or 3) exploring all the different barrios!

The nightlife could not have been better. The city is covered with fun social venues of all kinds, whether they be casual restaurants and bars, or party-hardy, early morning clubs, Buenos Aires has them all. Having the opportunity to meet locals and enjoy nights out with them in their element was beyond fantastic (and it helps that Argentines aren't too painful to look at as well).

Classes were informative and challenging, but not overwhelming. My language class at IES was a blast, and I quickly was introduced to the lunfardo of everyday speech. If you're interested in Marketing at all, take Professor Martin Tessi's Marketing in Latin America course--a lot of fun and a couple of field trips involved.

I couldn't recommend IES Abroad in Buenos Aires enough!

Go BsAs!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Living in the big city

IES Abroad affords students a wonderful opportunity to independently explore Buenos Aires while supporting and guiding them in their endeavors. With the options of either staying with a host family (which I would highly recommend, particularly for the language immersion), or renting an apartment on your own, students have a lot of freedom in developing their schedule. There is also a great range of classes offered in both the Standard and Advanced levels. The Standard program includes classes taught by Argentine professors in the IES Abroad office to the group of students from American Universities that are enrolled with the program. Most of the classes are focused on Argentine history and society and embody the complete experience of being in Buenos Aires. The Advanced program offers classes in Spanish and also the ability to enroll in one of four partner universities. Spanish class is an integral part of both programs and the professors are engaging and teach practical language skills that encourage students to converse not only with their host families and friends but also with cab drivers, store clerks, and bus drivers. IES provides a comprehensive orientation that discusses the social life in Buenos Aires, an extremely vibrant city, and encourages students to safely explore the city. The program also offers many field trips to local areas and weekend trips that highlight key components of the city and the country. IES employs an extremely supportive staff and provides students with a great opportunity to live and study in Buenos Aires!

Yes, I recommend this program


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