IFR: Armenia- The Masis Blur Field School

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Armenia-Masis Blur
Armenia-Masis Blur


We at IFR are excited to announce a new program that introduces Armenia to our substantial field program listings, bringing our field programs to a whopping 22 countries! This new program introduces students to the amazing human advances of the Neolithic era, and explores how agriculture and sedentism permanently altered the path of human development and society.
Learn essential methodology and practical knowledge from an established site which epitomizes this vital period of prehistory that would change the world forever. The site has already uncovered well-preserved Neolithic houses with accompanying storage bins, trash middens, and open courtyards. Let summer 2018 affect you like the Neolithic era affected humanity, and gain this crucial knowledge from an era that embodies the knowledge that birthed civilizations across the globe.

  • archaeology
  • Neolithic
  • Near East
  • excavation
  • pre-historic

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