IES Abroad Vienna Summer - Psychology
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IES Abroad Vienna Summer - Psychology

Spend your summer living and learning in the historic, bustling city of Vienna—while earning college credit!

Our Psychology Summer Program is organized into two topics: Psychology & Society, and Health Psychology & Communication. Students examining Psychology & Society learn about the emergence of psychology in Vienna and consider closely how different methodologies today both reflect and challenge Freud's legacy. Students studying Health Psychology & Communication take a more practical approach as they explore the field of counseling, and develop skills in listening and empathy.

When you’re not in the classroom, you will have the opportunity to explore everything Vienna has to offer—whether you’re touring Hofburg Palace, searching for the city’s best apfelstrudel, or taking all stroll down one of the city’s many cobblestoned streets, there is an adventure around every corner in Vienna!

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Program Reviews (8)

22 years old
University of Texas- Austin

Vienna waits for YOU


IES abroad did an amazing job at ensuring my study abroad experience was holistically AWESOME. From class trips to Budapest, strolls down historic Viennese neighborhoods, hiking trips, and trips to the vineyards, among a few other things, IES went above and beyond. In addition, IES did an amazing job at providing housing close to the palace (YES, palace) where classes were taught at. The transition from the U.S. to Vienna was exciting yet not overwhelmingly stressful. Indeed, the transition was closer to a cultural shift, not a cultural shock. For example, most of the people in Vienna speak English. Long story short, no amount of text box space will ever be enough to express just how life changing studying abroad in a magical city like Vienna was.

How can this program be improved?

The administration at the IES office in Vienna was a little faulty. For example, I signed up for a 11AM German class, yet I got switched over to a 9AM German class after only three classes because administration didn't account for the amount of students the class could hold.

21 years old
West Lafayette, IN
Purdue University

The best summer of my life!


I always knew that I wanted to study abroad. As I was sitting in the study abroad center I saw Vienna was an option. I had not heard much about Austria or Vienna but I did not want to go to a place that everyone went to like London or Sydney, Australia. During the summer I learned about a completely different country, I learned a new language, and I made friends from all over the United States!
The best part about being in Vienna was the culture. It is full of new things that I had never seen in the United States. Beethoven and Mozart are from Vienna so I was able to see the houses they lived in! I was able to travel to other countries for less than 100 euros! I hiked in the Alps and saw the most beautiful view I have ever seen. I was able to communicate with people who did not speak English.
I didn't even want to leave when my departure day came. Living in Vienna for 6 weeks was the best thing I have done in my college career and I would do it all over again!

How can this program be improved?

More group trips!

23 years old
Chicago, IL
Benedictine University

New Home Away from Home


When I first decided to get involved in a study abroad program, I had no idea where I was going or what I was doing. I chose Vienna, Austria solely on the fact that they had a psychology program. I didn’t know anything about the city, country or program. Before I left, I was extremely terrified because I have never been somewhere outside of the country without family or friends before. Once I got there, IES Abroad made it so easy to figure out my living situation, make friends and discover my new home away from home. The professors and staff were always so helpful and insightful. I left not knowing anything about where I was going and now (because of IES abroad) Vienna, Austria is my favorite place on Earth and I have life-long friends across the country!

39 years old
Northampton, MA
Smith College

Psychology & Society Vienna - YES!


I had the distinct and singular pleasure of studying abroad this past summer in Vienna. I found this experience to be profoundly thought provoking, and having been a part of the IES Study Abroad program was unquestionably one of the highlights of my academic career so far.

During my time abroad, I participated in a Novice German class, as well a Psychology and Society course that explored numerous topics and focused on the techniques and philosophies of many of the world's leading psychoanalysts. In addition to didactic classroom studies, there were several class excursions which allowed for a richer and very meaningful learning experience. On one such trip my class visited the Freud Museum, devoted entirely to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and his life and career. Arguably the high-point of my experience abroad was a class trip to Budapest. This trip included a visit to the 'House of Terror', aptly named due to its involvement with the Nazi interrogations of suspected Jewish sympathizers during World War II. My favorite part of this trip was a visit to the Ferenczi Museum, an institution dedicated to Sandor Ferenczi, a contemporary of Freud who shared many of his ideas and techniques before later developing his own system of psychoanalysis. 

IES Study Abroad has given me the opportunity to become a more well-rounded individual and student, and I recommend that every student broaden their horizons with IES Study Abroad!

23 years old
New Jersey

Unforgettable Vienna!


The walk from my apartment to the IES center is something that I miss often. I got the opportunity to walk past the Naschmarkt, an outdoor market, which was usually bustling with vendors selling row upon row of fresh fruit and candies. Imagine getting the opportunity to walk past the famous Staatsoper every morning on the way to class. Right past the opera house is Hotel Sacher, where the world-renowned Sachertorte was created and continues to delight lines of curious tourists and locals alike. The IES center is right in this central location and is an old palace converted into private apartments and teaching facilities. Imagine studying in a room with a stunning crystal chandelier and a hand-painted ceiling! That’s just a fraction of what you get to do in Vienna.
I got to stay with five other girls in an old, but gorgeous apartment built in the 1800s. The apartment had huge glass windows overlooking a residential street filled with beautifully architected buildings. I was a three-minute walk from the grocery store, the U-bahn (subway system), and a small bakery with pastries unlike anything you can find in America. Luckily, the IES staff explained the grocery-buying process to us on the first day as well as the U-bahn, taxi, emergency, and safety processes in the city. They provided us with emergency phone numbers of the city and even their personal contact information in case of an emergency. It is obvious that the staff loves Vienna and wants each student to love it as well.
The classes focused on German language and psychology. My German professor was a native of Austria, so her true Austrian way of speaking as well as her personal advice made the class a once-in-a-lifetime experience. My psychology professor was a sweet Viennese woman who was able to give us anecdotes from her own career as a psychologist. The classes were valuable, but I have to admit that the weekends were best for me. Over the course of five weeks, I got to travel to Hungary (Budapest), the Czech Republic (Prague), Poland (Krakow), Slovakia (Bratislava), and Salzburg, Austria. These places were all just a train ride away for no more than about fifty Euros. Being able to travel to a different country every weekend is something that I will always remember fondly.
I truly made the best memories on my IES trip. The program is in Vienna, but the experience can take you all over Europe, including on IES-organized trips to Budapest and Semmering, Austria. Even now that I am home, I continue to benefit from the program as I have made the most genuine friends from this experience. What else can bond a group of people like getting lost at a castle in Budapest? I have yet to find out.

24 years old
St. Catharines Ontario
Brock University

The best Summer of my life.


Attending the IES Abroad Summer Psychology program in Vienna was the best decision I have ever made. If the cost or unease about the quality of the program or any sort of bad nerves is causing you to hesitate when making your decision to study abroad with IES than worry no more. Completely discard any doubts that it will be anything but the most amazing experience of your life. Apply, Accept, Fly.
Vienna is the most beautiful city I have ever been to, the food is amazing and all the Viennese wine is even better. The Austrian culture is richer than the chocolate cake you can find at everyone of the million cafes concentrated in the city. All of the famous European cities are awesome, I don;t think anyone could go wrong with any city. What I found the most important thing to consider about studying abroad (after I had done it) is the quality of the Institution, i.e. What can they offer you and what can't they. My favourite part about my Summer in Vienna were the field trips. I absolutely loved the field trips we would take and other small outings in the city. Dr. Stipslits was a great person to be around and I always loved what he had to say. IES always did a fantastic job entertaining us and taking us to great restaurants. IES was very accommodating to me. Friendly staff at the reception and helpful advice and administration when it came to more technical things.

How can this program be improved?

One thing IES could have improved on was informing us about the U-Bahn subway system. Unfortunately a group of students including myself were fined because we did not have the proper passes. Perhaps including the pass into our tuition costs would ensure it would not happen to future students.

24 years old
Iowa City, Iowa

Adventures in Wien!


Vienna, Austria is a gorgeous city located in the central region of Europe, which made it extremely convenient to travel to other cities within Europe and gain the most out of our travel experiences. IES staff also provided us with information on websites and agencies that were helpful regarding student travel.

While I was in Vienna I was able to travel to Salzburg, Austria via train and go on the Sound of Music bike tour, we went to Prague for a weekend via bus, as well as Slovakia for a day trip via bus. Also, one of our weekend field trips with IES staff included taking a bus to Budapest!

Monday through Thursday we had class in a palace that was located in the first district of Vienna (the city is split up into over 20 districts). It was a great location and was within walking distance from our apartments, which were in district 6. It was about a 20 minute walk, or you could take the U-bahn, which is Vienna's subway system--the U took about 6 minutes.

I really enjoyed my Psychology & Society class, which met Mon.-Wed. The field trips we were able to take were very interesting and I was able to learn so much. A couple of our field trips included: the Sigmund Freud Museum and the first psychiatric hospital in Vienna.

I had never taken German before, so I took a beginning German class while in Austria. We had class Mon.-Thurs. and learned quite a bit in a short amount of time. We had German homework almost every day, but it wasn't bad and allowed us not only to learn, but also to practice the native language.

As I said before, our apartments were in the 6th district and had an incredible location! We were located between Vienna's large farmer's market/flea market and Vienna's largest outdoor shopping center. The location was great, but so was the apartment itself. My apartment had 6 girls in it and consisted of three double bedrooms, a kitchen, one full bathroom, and one half bathroom. We also had a living area and a washer in the apartment (Vienna doesn't have dryers).

I thought IES abroad was helpful and loved my time in Vienna! There was so much to do, including concerts, the opera, festivals, museums, and the list could go on and on!

How can this program be improved?

I think it would be beneficial if the program could pair a few study abroad students with a resident of Vienna. That way the students would have someone from the city that could answer their questions and show them local hot spots sometimes, as compared to the students consistently going to all of the tourist attractions.

24 years old
Boston, MA
Simmons College

Life Changer


Vienna, Austria has so much to offer particularly for students interested in studying abroad, learning about a new culture, country, and people from all around the world. Museums, opera, farmers markets, restaurants, churches, live orchestras, night scenes, palaces, parks.... there is an infinite list of places and events one could attend every day. The IES program and housing locations made my time spent in Vienna even better, right in the center of the city, we were able to walk back and forth from the housing to the program in just 20 minutes while enjoying the beautiful scenery around us.

How can this program be improved?

Include more day trips, more ways to truly get to know the culture, extend the program to at least 2 months, and trips to other countries in the weekends

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