SFS Bhutan: Big Cats of the Himalayas: Tracking and Conservation (Summer II)

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In Bhutan, a deep cultural and spiritual reverence for life has aided in the preservation of the country’s tigers, snow leopards, and other wild cats. Using camera traps and radio telemetry, study the conservation of these elusive creatures and learn how adaptation and management strategies can ensure their survival in a changing world.

SFS students live and study at the Center for Himalayan Environment and Development Studies. The Center is located at one end of the stunning Paro Valley, at the base of a towering ridgeline dotted with Buddhist monasteries. Campus is a small cluster of buildings designed in the traditional Bhutanese architectural style. A pleasant 15-minute walk brings you to the markets, shops, and cultural events of Paro Town.

  • Set up camera traps in and around the sacred landscape of Taktsang with some of Bhutan’s top biologists and capture images of endangered species such as the tiger and snow leopard.
  • Develop core skills including: GIS and mapping, species identification, camera trapping and mist-netting, biodiversity surveys, research design and implementation, data collection and analysis, and research presentation.

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