Bona Mansio - Excavate Roman Road Station on Via Diagonalis 2020

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Research project in Bulgaria
Research project in Bulgaria


Via Diagonalis (Via Militaris) became the most important road through the Balkan Peninsula in Roman times when it connected the city of Singidunum (today’s Belgrade, Serbia) on the Danube River with Byzantium (Istanbul) – the city which would later become the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. The road is ca. 1000 km (600 miles) long and passes through large important Roman cities like Naissus, Serdica, Philippopolis and Hadrianopolis. It is the fundamental connection between the western part of the Empire and the East. It was also the official route for armies moving throughout the provinces.
The goal of the excavation in 2020 is to continue uncovering the fortification wall and to create a long-term strategy for the preservation of the architectural elements of the settlement. The scientific aspect of the project aims to gather information about the character and the chronological development of the site and thus to contribute to the study of the Roman road system in Thrace.

  • Fieldwork including excavation, maintaining a field journal on a daily basis, filling context sheets and labels
  • 3D positioning of finds, taking coordinates with a level device, and taking photographs at the site
  • Lectures, workshops and instructions in Roman and Field Archaeology, finds' processing, documentation and workshops on conservation of pottery & metal;
  • Excursions to various cultural and archaeological sites in the region such as the ancient town of Philippopolis - Plovdiv

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