Tell Yunatsite Excavations - Seeking Europe's First Civilization 2020

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Excavation in Bulgaria
Excavation in Bulgaria


The aim of the project is to provide participants with a theoretical background on the development of Neolithic cultures in Southeastern Europe with a focus on Final Neolithic/Chalcolithic, Europe’s first civilization, and with practical experience in excavating a complex prehistoric tell-site.

This field school provides a unique glimpse into the rise and fall of arguably the earliest European civilization. In 2020, field school students will take part in further excavation of the burned Final Neolithic/Chalcolithic layer buildings. Faculty and students will work together and explore why and how did one of the earliest proto urban centers in Europe emerge in the beginning of the 5th millennium BCE, and what are the reasons that caused its collapse 800 years later.

  • excavation of the Chalcolithic layers and structures, which includes practicing basic excavation techniques as well as screening, sifting and flotation
  • lectures, workshops and field training in prehistoric (with emphasize on Copper Age and warfare), and field archaeology, finds processing and documentation
  • Tour of Stara Zagora (Ancient Augusta Traiana) including the Regional Museum of History, Roman monuments and the Museum of Europe's best-preserved Neolithic (5600 BCE) dwellings
  • excursions to: the Pazardzhik Regional Museum of History; the ancient town of Plovdiv including the Archaeological Museum, Old Town Quarter and major Roman monuments

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