Middlebury School in China: Beijing

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Playing Mahjong with roommates.
The best classmates and friends anyone could ask for.
Hiking the 'wild' Great Wall.
"Ice Skating on Houhai"
"Imperial Colors"


The Middlebury program in Beijing, run in conjunction with CET Academic Programs, offers cultural and linguistic immersion through a rigorous curriculum and adherence to the Middlebury Language Pledge. By pledging to speak only the target language while abroad, students will have the best chance of acquiring fluency and actively engaging in the local environment. Participants take an area studies course, a one-on-one content-based tutorial, and two electives. They live with Chinese roommates on the campus of Capital Normal University and may take part in excursions, volunteer work, and campus clubs and activities.

Students looking for more advanced language preparation prior to the start of the spring semester or who want to apply their enhanced language skills after the fall semester may be interested in the January term option in Beijing.

  • All course work is conducted entirely in Mandarin
  • Students adhere to the Middlebury College Language Pledge
  • Housing with a Chinese roommate in dormitories
  • Curriculum designed for high intermediate and advanced Chinese language students, featuring one-on-one, and small elective classes
  • Cocurricular activities: cooking, ping pong, martial arts, hip hop, bamboo flute, watercolor, etc.

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  • Academics 9.3
  • Support 9.3
  • Fun 9.3
  • Housing 9
  • Safety 9.3
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing, supportive, flexible, transformative program

Super amazing program, super dedicated/supportive teachers and staff, flexible curriculum, diverse options and activities. The program plans city exploration activities for students every week. Every experience was wonderful. We had one-on-one classes in which we could study any topic we choose. My language improved a lot thanks to the program's language intensity. Amazing housing; we lived in a hotel basically. Our roommates were local college students & we developed great friendships. The program also helped me find a internship, which expanded my professional interests in China too. I have learned and grown so much. Transformative semester.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Impactful Semester Abroad

I am so grateful for my semester at Middlebury's School in Beijing!

The highlight of this experience was living with my Chinese roommate Liying. Communicating with Liying every day greatly improved my language skills and cultural understanding. Most importantly, we developed a deep friendship and are still in touch.

Middlebury's School in Beijing also provides a variety of rigorous classes that appeal to students with different interests. While the majority of my peers wanted to study politics, I was interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine and contemporary issues in China. I was able to take classes in both these areas and learned more than I anticipated. There were also students interested in art, cuisine, religion and international relations.

Middlebury's School in Beijing has an incredibly hard-working and talented group of teachers. In particular, I really appreciate that Zhang laoshi, the program director, was always available to discuss personal or academic concerns with any student.

I really enjoyed exploring Beijing over the course of my semester abroad. As the ancient and modern capitol, Beijing has many historical sites, as well as modern restaurants and art galleries. My favorite spots to explore on the weekends were "hutongs," or ancient residential communities with preserved architecture that have been maintained as homes or transformed into restaurants and shops. The city is also well known for its parks. Ultimately, Beijing's fusion of old and new makes the city a great place to learn about China. Despite its modernity and status as an international city, Beijingers did not insist on speaking English and were very friendly towards foreigners. Beijing is also a great city for outdoor lovers because it is surrounded by mountains. I particularly enjoyed hiking unrenovated sections of The Great Wall.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in challenging themselves, learning deeply about China and improving proficiency in Mandarin!

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Yes, I recommend this program

The Best Language Experience

Coming form a public university, I had already reached a point where I needed something else, something extra to enhance my Chinese language ability. I decided to take the plunge and study for a year in Beijing with Middlebury, and it was the best decision I could have ever made. It was obvious off the bat that the teachers really cared about you succeeding and growing as a Chinese speaker.

Zhang Laoshi is the academic director, as well as the father figure of Middlebury Beijing. He is an amazing teacher and is able to cater to students of any language level. The rest of the teachers are also amazing, and are very willing to talk and interact outside of class.

The local roommates are likely the best part of the program. I learned so much while sharing some Korean takeout or talking late into the night with my roommate. It opens up a whole new level of language as well as cultural understanding, and also creates a lifelong friendship.

I left feeling that I had not only greatly enhanced my skills in Chinese, but that I also had gained the tools to improve on my own. Entering the program, Chinese was the language I studied. Afterwards, I could confidently say that Chinese was my second language.

What would you improve about this program?
There were opportunities to participate with different active communities outside of the program, but they were slightly hard to find.