CIEE Accelerated Chinese Language in Shanghai

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Come apply and advance your Mandarin language skills in one of the most dynamic, rapidly developing cities on earth. Whether you’re a first or fifth year student of the language, you’ll have access to intensive, daily Chinese coursework and one-on-one classes that address your individual needs.

Coupling that classwork with structured peer tutorials and language clinics, cultural activities and volunteer opportunities, CIEE study abroad in Shanghai provides you with an exciting and truly immersive international experience.

Study abroad in Shanghai and you will:

- Enroll in area studies courses related to business, international relations, political science, history, and other aspects of Chinese culture and society taught in English or Chinese

- Learn outside the classroom through weekend and weeklong excursions “off the tourist track,” and practice Chinese in authentic situations

- Live with a Chinese host family or on campus with a Chinese roommate

  • You’ll visit companies and factories, government agencies, museums, and plays You will also go on fascinating overnight trips to the region for co-curriculum and extra-curriculum learning.
  • Other group cultural activities include an acrobatics show, a river cruise along the Bund, a Chinese and CIEE student talent show, international student sporting events, and group meals with Chinese roommates and families.

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  • Academics 8.7
  • Support 8.7
  • Fun 7.7
  • Housing 8
  • Safety 8.7
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ACL Spring Semester

I highly recommend this program if you want to improve your Mandarin by a 10th fold. The teachers and tutors work one-on-one to provide the best educational lessons everyday catered to the speaking and writing level of the students. You must be really passionate about learning the language and dedicating many hours of reviewing Chinese characters and studying for quizzes etc. In just three months of the program, I went from Beginner II level to finishing Intermediate II.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Experienced, Organized and Relational.

I had a great experience in the ACL program at CIEE Shanghai! My classes were extremely rigorous and very challenging academically. But they were taught by a great teacher who kept us afloat in the midst of the hardship. I really appreciated the variety of ways in which we interacted with our material and learned so much on our class field trips. Additionally, I was impressed by the balanced perspective my teacher had. She not only kept us accountable to a standard of excellence, but also cared about us personally, and created relationships with us as individuals. I will always remember the relational and encouraging nature of CIEE Shanghai.

How can this program be improved?
Further enforcement of the language pact, as well as increased, specific and often feedback to the student on their progress would improve this program.
Yes, I recommend this program

Intense but Amazing

I've always wanted to study abroad. The question was where? After deciding to minor in Chinese Language, CIEE"s Accelerated Chinese Language (ACL) program became the clear answer. I didn't really know what to expect going into the program. I knew it would be hard and lots of work considering it was guaranteeing 2 semesters of Chinese in 1 study abroad semester.

I absolutely loved the class. It was Monday through Thursday from 8am to 12pm, and my instructor was beyond amazing. Before coming abroad I studied for maybe 1.5 years in school. The Chinese teacher spoke only Chinese and taught only in Chinese, which was extremely difficult in the beginning, but I eventually got used to it. I ended up loving class. My professor was kind and understood how our brains worked when learning a second language. She used old words to teach us new words and structures. I noticed a drastic improvement in my listening abilities and while I still struggle sometimes with responding appropriately, at least I can get most of my thoughts across now.

The one negative thing I would have to say about this program is the loads of homework and projects we have in addition to class. I truly believe that even having more class would have been better than all that homework. I would sometimes spend another 6 hours just on homework every day. In this way, it limited my ability to go out and actually explore the city. I wanted to experience Shanghai and all it has to offer but was severely restrained because I wanted an "A" in the class and felt that in order to get that I needed to sacrifice my time to explore. But I think towards the end of the semester I learned to adjust and the teachers gave less work so that I was able to see some of Shanghai. Despite spending the first 2 months pretty much holed up in the dorms doing homework, I was eventually able to go out and actually USE the Chinese I was learning in class to help me in talking with the locals, ordering food, ordering train tickets, etc.

Overall it was an incredible experience. You have a long spring break that gives you time to travel. Some friends and I backpacked neighboring countries and didn't feel too pressed for time while travelling. The support CIEE gives you is also great. You can always find someone to talk to if you feel you're struggling or falling behind in a class. They understand that you came here to not only learn but explore, and they try to do everything they can to make sure you have a well-rounded study abroad experience.

How can this program be improved?
Just the homework loads. I met many students who were very hard-working and still struggled with the amount of homework. I think we learn a lot more by going out and experiencing than being stuck in a library or dorm room the rest of the day completing worksheets. I LOVED class though. It was taught very well and I would rather have 6 or 8 hours of class than the homework we had.
Yes, I recommend this program

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