Information Technology Summer Camp in Shanghai, China
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Information Technology Summer Camp in Shanghai, China

Join our IT summer camp for a 10 day China immersion, exploring Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, China's 'silicon valley'.

You will spend 5 days following lectures and participating in labs taught by a Hangzhou Univeristy professor. You will learn several key data mining models and R programming, a popular open source software package in data mining, using your skills to create a business analytics model using real world datasets. During the rest of the trip you will travel around the country to its greatest cities, Beijing and Shanghai, during a once in a lifetime trip, exploring cultural and historical sites such as the Great Wall, and taking part in exciting cultural activites.

You will begin your trip by a 3 day stay in Shanghai, followed by Hangzhou, the tech hub of China, for a 7 day stay, doing sightseeing, partaking in activities and following classes. You will end your trip with a 3 day stay in the capital of China, Beijing.

  • Learn from an expert in Business Analytics in workshops taught by a Hangzhou University professor
  • Visit three major Chinese cities and integrate your new knowledge with practical exercises
  • Meet like-minded students from across the world
  • Visit famous historical and cultural sights across China
  • 24/7 support from a team of Chinese and foreign staff
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Cultural Exploration
Language Immersion
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Small Group (1-15)
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- Accommodation
- Breakfasts and lunches
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- Workshops
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- Airport pickup
- Transport within China
- 24/7 emergency support
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Beijing, Hangzhou

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  • Fun 9.4
  • Staff 9.4
  • Safety 8.4
  • Organization 7.1
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BusIT China

The overall program experience was super. I recommend it for future students who want to learn something and are ready for a new adventure!

How can this program be improved?

Zie private note

Yes, I recommend
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Jian Ji Franky

BUSIT China with HuTong School.

The accommodation in Shanghai and Huang Zhou was okay for the price but in Beijing (Sanlitun Hostel) was really chaotic. I recommend finding another place in Beijing.

The pickup and dropoff when we arrived at the airport were good. The person was waiting for us at the right time.

We did lots of company visits in Huang Zhou and Shanghai. Those visits were super interesting because we had an introduction of the entrepreneurs of the startups in China.
In Huang Zhou, we had a workshop about Business Analytics, programming in R (Big Data).

The trip was really well organized, and the guide is really nice! She's a young woman who is really nice and helpful. She speaks very well Chinese and English so the communication wasn't a problem.

I really recommend this trip! You learn the language, the Chinese culture, lots of new people, very good FOOD and lots of sightseeing like the Great Wall, The forbidden city, the bund in Shanghai, tea fields in Huang Zhou, and lots more!

How can this program be improved?

Find a better place to stay in Beijing, because Sanlitun Hostel was really bad.

Yes, I recommend
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Great trip
I loved HangZhou! Didn't like the other places that much. The guides (Karen + Hope) get a 11/10 from me.
We visited really important companies and people. The course was new for me. Maybe a bit too much theory.
It's very hot in here so make sure to pack lots of good looking light clothes!
We went out nearly every night and I recommend you to do the same. The nightlife is amazing and the people are really friendly. Just understand that nobody speaks a word english!
West lake was amazing.
Take anti musquito creme with you.

How can this program be improved?

More communication before the program
Share the apps ExpressVPN WeChat Baidu and TencentMaps
Help us get us a chinese SIM
Fix the visas for us

Yes, I recommend
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Busit week china

I really enjoyed my stats here in China , especially our 2 Guides Karen and mainly Esperanza were very good , very friendly , upbeat and open-minded. The trip was fully Packed so no day felt boring of tedious . The Company visits were very insightfull tot the business situation and opportunities in China , also the sight seeing was Well planned so i didn't feel like we missen something. The only thing Is wished for was that they workshop was more integrated with the week. 15 hours is a little tot short in my opinion to interact with the studentes and feel satisfied about the work we've done. Overall the trip was An amazing experience and a really good introduction to life in China as An it student.

How can this program be improved?

See the above

Yes, I recommend

Never give up Hope in China

The preparation before the trip started was not so great. I know it was the first BusIT-week and Jan was pretty busy, so I don't really blame you for anything! For the next time I would say you probably need to start making the preparations sooner and do more follow-up!

The trip itself is pretty cool! When we arrived at the airport, there was someone to pick us up and bring us to the hostel. Afterwards, we met our guide, Hope, who is my new favourite Chinese person! She's guiding us around very well, and we can always ask questions! Thanks to her, our trip is even more fun!

We're doing a lot of activities, which are pretty interesting as well, for example: Escaperoom, KTV, a boat on 西湖, company visits, etc.

The only thing I can say is maybe lower your total price by a bit. I'm not sure how much the hostels, food, and activities cost in total, but 1500 euro seemed a bit much to me, since we had to buy for our flights and visa as well.

To summarize, it's a nice experience, and I would recommend it to other people as well! I don't want to go back to Belgium!


How can this program be improved?

Better preparation, information and follow up. Lower the price by a bit.

Yes, I recommend
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BusIT China

The guides were really helpful and kind and there English was really good! The hygiene in the hostels weren't that good but the beds and the other stuff in the hostels were okay. The company visits where very interesting but I think that when you aren't interested in entrepreneurship that the company visits can be boring! The workshop can be interesting as well when you're interested in business analytics but I already got a course off business analytics at my school so already knew all the theory. So the theory was sometimes boring for me but that is pure personal. But the R language is very interesting. The trips to all the places are really interesting!

Yes, I recommend
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Without hope we are hopeless

I really liked our guides! Thay very enthousiastic and energetic, they give a positive vibe to the group.
Ktv was extremely fun and i dont understand why we dont have this in Belgium. The cultural visits were educational .
The company visits were very interesting and inspiring.
I find the workshop less fun and i can't understand everytjing what the teacher was saying altough it is prepared very well, just a personal thing.

Yes, I recommend
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Let Hope guide you

China was a wonderful experience. The major cultural differences with Belgium were really interesting and brought a lot of new insights. Both all the workshops as the company visits taught me a lot about the Chinese business approach and inspired me to come back to China and start my own company here. Even though we spent quite some time in companies and in workshops we had plenty of time to enjoy China itself as a tourist. We also had a great and fun guide. Everything together it was a great trip!

How can this program be improved?

The only thing I would recommend is a guide with a better knowledge of the area. Our guide (Hope) was from Beijing and thus she didn't really know a lot about Shanghai and Hangzhou. Except that she was a great guide. Everything else was very good.

Yes, I recommend

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