Seminar: LGBTQ+ People, Hate Crimes and Other Violence

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Members of the LGBTQ+ community in El Salvador face enormous obstacles in society and suffer violations of their human rights because of a pervasive culture of homophobia and "machismo." This sexism validates much of the violence towards LGBTQ+ people by labelling it “corrective,” taking the form of corporal punishment, discrimination and conversion therapy with the hopes of making the victims of such violence "normal" again. Because it is seen as necessary to "fix" people, this violence goes unaddressed. The Salvadoran state has responded to pressure from human rights activists and has recognized some of the rights violations LGBTQ+ people face. However, new laws and policies do not address all expressions of violence, and neither are they particularly well enforced.

Join LGBTI+ activists from North and Central America in El Salvador to discuss the discrimination and violence the LGBTI+ population faces in different cultural contexts and potential responses to this violence.

  • Human Rights
  • Based on Original Research
  • Intercultural Learning

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