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Arcadia in London

You can choose from a wide range of courses taught by Arcadia faculty in our London Center or at our partner universities: from business, politics and history to community health, communications, environmental studies and more. Our faculty use London itself as the classroom, taking you into the city streets to use the resources, key locations relating to your course and the people of this exciting city to bring your studies to life.

Travel to fascinating places of interest that enhance your cultural immersion and give a meaningful context to your academic courses. Excursions may include: Harry Potter Studio Tour, a rugby or football match, or a London Street Art Tour.

Arcadia University opens the doors to new experiences, different academic learning, people, cultures and perspectives so you can build your own lifelong learning and memories. With Arcadia, you can: Enjoy academic success, explore a new world, get to know yourself, rely on us for support, and boost your resume.

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Program Reviews (3)

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25 years old
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
University of Minnesota

Greatest Experience I Could Ever Ask For


Arcadia provided me so knowledge, experience and fun! Through Arcadia I was able to study at the London College of Fashion, a dream of mine since starting college. The classes were challenging yet equally rewarding. During my time in London I was also able to intern with a top jewelry designer and attend charity events with the Beckhams, Eva Longoria, and various Made in Chelsea Stars- so cool! Obviously my time in London wasn't all work; I was able to attend London Fashion week, travel to various countries, see many plays, shop on Oxford Circus and the many markets and attend so many events this magical city had to offer. During my time at Arcadia I made some great friends with flat mates, students and colleagues that I am still remain close to today. An experience a could not even dream about before going!

How can this program be improved?

If I could improve this program, I would provide the students with more knowledge/ materials before they hop the pond. There were a lot of gray areas before arriving.

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23 years old
Nashville, Tennessee
Belmont University

Love in London


The whole entire experience in London was a dream come true. Being able to take the Tube anywhere I wanted in the city to explore was the best way to get to know the city and the boroughs I enjoyed most. While I'm biased to my home borough of Kensington & Chelsea, places like Covent Garden and Westminster became a couple of my favorite spots to discover new pubs and social scenes.

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24 years old
Los Angeles, California
Emerson College

Arcadia London Now: It is just as magical as it seems


My experience with Arcadia's London Now program was one of my best college experiences thus far. I lived in the picturesque burrow of Notting Hill, right on Hyde Park with 20 other college kids from around the world. Although that last part about the 20 kids sounds horrifying, it turned out to be one of the best parts about the trip. All 20 of us got along so well, we found that we had a difficult time doing anything without everyone present. Every weekend we went out to see a different show in London's West End and we explored the night life of the city. One of my personal favorite nights included getting free tickets to The Cripple of Inishmaan through one of Arcadia's professors and meeting Daniel Radcliffe afterwards. After the show my friends and I headed out to Piccadilly Circus for a night on the town, finished off by a ride on the London Eye, and a beautiful hour walk back to our home. My biggest problem with living in London was how much money I had to spend doing everything I wanted to do (the conversion rate at the moment is really hard to swallow). Another aspect to living in London I took issue with is the amount of drinking. The majority of my roommates were either 19 or 20 years old and from the United States. Therefore, drinking legally became the highlight of their trip and I found myself drinking more than I ever had before. Although going out legally is a lot of fun, it can get old after a while and I found that a lot of people would rather get wasted than get to know the city they were in. Having said that, with 20 roommates its always possible to find someone who wants to explore with you. I left this trip having made some wonderful life long friends and learning a substantial amount about the culture of the United Kingdom.

How can this program be improved?

If I had to change one thing about London Now I would change the marketing of the program itself. Before arriving, the program seems genuinely sketchy. In many ways it sounds too good to be true and many of the travel arrangements seem to be planned last minute. Both my roommate and I were accepted without finishing the application, months before the deadline, and then heard very little from Arcadia until a few weeks before the trip began. We both felt that the program may be a scam, even though it very much was not.

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Students from colleges and universities throughout the U.S. study abroad with Arcadia University through The College of Global Studies, the first college of its kind in the U.S. With over 130 programs in 12 countries, we offer a wide range of programs in many study