IES Abroad London - Health Practice & Policy
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IES Abroad London - Health Practice & Policy

Don’t just learn about health care in a classroom—immerse yourself through theory and practice in compelling public health issues in London, Oxford, and Kingston, Jamaica, that are affecting local communities, countries, and the global population right now.

Through our program, you discover the different perspectives, challenges, and needs of diverse populations in London and Kingston with a once-in-a-lifetime service learning and practicum opportunity.

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An Unforgettable Experience!

This experience really sparked my interest for traveling and taught me so much about how international health care and human rights is viewed. I got hands on experience in the medical field in Jamaica, I was able to travel all over Europe for a very affordable price, and I got to volunteer with CLAPA. IES really catered to my interest and helped me to develop and mature on a professional, academic, and personal level. I learned so much about culture and identity in a place that I thought would be very similar to the United States. These experiences made it more than worthwhile! This was a life changing experience that has inspired me to keep traveling and possibly even change my career goals to something that will allow me to travel abroad.
The IES program was so supportive and they really worked hard to create an inclusive living and learning environment. While there were some small things that could be improved, the people were really what made the program the best experience of my life.

Overall the courses were interesting and challenging. The administration and professors were very supportive and engaging. However, the program was not able to offer the Oxford class at the last minute so I ended up taking classes at City University of London. This turned out to be just around the corner from my housing assignment and the course included some very interesting aspects. I really ended up enjoying this course and it allowed me to have Friday off to travel.

The administration was very supportive in making sure I was acclimated to living abroad. They constantly kept in touch and responded to emails quickly. They made sure we met up for dinner or tea a couple times during the semester and they also hosted clubs and events around town. They were also very supportive if I wasn't feeling well. Luckily, I did not have any major health issues, but my roommate did and from my perspective, the administration was very helpful. The administrator that lived in our building took her to the hospital and stayed with her until she got home. At one point, I caught a small cold and an administrator offered to make a doctor appointment for me and to go with me, but I was able to easily take care of it with cold medication from the pharmacist.

The apartment I lived in was right in the heart of London. It was the ideal location for getting around the city by tube or walking. The housing had all the amenities and I always felt safe there. The roommate situation was not ideal because I am so used to living on my own, however it was a great way to make friends and I learned a lot about myself. I had a great view of the city from my room and the program made sure I had everything I needed, and if I didn't there was a shopping tour on the first day that helped me to get everything.

During orientation, there was a briefing on safety by a police officer who told us about the most common crimes and how to avoid being a target. This was very useful because it made me more aware of my actions and it gave me more information on who to contact if something did go wrong. Also, one of the administrators lived in the same apartment complex me, so there was always someone available. While I was in London, there were a few small bombings including one on the tube and violent protests, but the program has a very specific and strict protocol for locating each person and ensuring our safety and they communicated with my parents that I was safe. In Jamaica, we were chaperoned everywhere and I felt very safe because one of our professors/chaperones is a native Jamaican.

How can this program be improved?

Like previously stated, the program last minute could not offer courses at Oxford which would should be changed in the future. However, City University worked great so that I could travel on Fridays.

Yes, I recommend

An Amazing Semester!

IES Abroad truly made my semester the best one of my life. IES was willing to help me every step of the way, from pre-departure to day to day while abroad, and even helped me readjust after I returned home. I couldn't have asked for a more attentive, inclusive, and helpful organization. They made the semester run so smoothly. The HPP program was immersive and interesting, and I came away learning so much. Thanks, IES!

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing time in London and Jamaica!

As a health policy and administration major, I was very excited to see that there was a program that aligned with my academic goals. To begin with, he IES staff were absolutely incredible. As someone who has an ongoing medical condition, they were always extremely helpful in helping me find doctors and working through all of that kind of stuff. The living accommodation is smaller than traditional American style dorms, but it has everything you need. I also would recommend on going on any of the field trips that IES provides. It is very organized and takes a lot of the stress off that comes with planning a trip.

Academically, being able to learn about public health in London was an absolutely incredible experience and I loved hearing the perspectives from my professors. Living in the city of London is amazing. You are very centrally located and there is always so much to do- no matter what your interests are.

This program also gives you the opportunity to take a class at Oxford. While you do have to catch a very early train, and spend most of your day Friday in class and traveling to and from Oxford, which limits your ability to travel some weekends, it was definitely worth it! I really improved my writing and critical thinking skills. The Oxford class also doesn't start until a few weeks into the program so you still will have the opportunity to travel and I was still able to find time to travel after I got home from Oxford on Friday.

Another unique element of this program is that you have the opportunity to participate in a service learning. I was able to volunteer at a cancer support center, which was a very valuable experience to me.

The best part of the study abroad experience was the trip to Jamaica. We got to observe in clinics around Jamaica and also got to see a lot of the country. We were able to go to Blue Lagoon, the Blue Mountains and a few local beaches. We also attended lectures at the University of the West Indies. Even though before going to Jamaica, nobody was ready to leave London by the end everyone really enjoyed the trip to Jamaica and found it worth while.

Overall, I would recommend this study abroad program to anyone who is interested in public health!

How can this program be improved?

It would be great if the Oxford class wasn't on a Friday. It would also be nice if there was more transition time between London to Jamaica.

Yes, I recommend
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Studying Public Health in England and Jamaica

During my program, I had the privilege of studying health policy both in London and Oxford and then traveling to Kingston, Jamaica for the last week of my program to listen to lectures at the University of West Indies School of Nursing. This is a relatively new program and the experience was pretty amazing throughout my time there. The staff and program directors invested time to making sure we were fully prepared and aware of everything we needed to do, i.e organizing train rides for our weekly trip to Oxford, telling us what items/clothing we would need for Jamaica, finding amazing service learning opportunities with local NGOs that fit somewhere in our professional interest. The staff was always very friendly and approachable. They often shared some of their favorite places, which was very helpful in a massive city like London that has so much to offer for everyone. The Jamaica portion in particular was extraordinary. When we weren't listening to lectures at UWISON, we were exploring the island and the staff took us to some amazing restaurants and beautiful sites. We swam in a natural salt water lagoon, took a boat ride to a small nearby island to swim and relax, visited the Blue Mountain coffee plantation, and sat by an infinity pool overlooking the island. It didn't feel real and it was so much fun doing it with the friends I made during the program. I was very impressed with what the staff put together for us and I would definitely recommend this program.

Yes, I recommend
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The Best Semester of My Life

Studying abroad in London was so amazing - since I've been back, I've thought to myself everyday that I want just want to go back and live in London forever.

If you are interested in public/global health, this program is for you. I went into this program with no prior education in public health and I learned A LOT. There was a good mix of students who had a lot of public health experience (typically public health majors) and none at all, so any level of prior experience is ok. This specific program provides you with a pretty set schedule of three required courses (one of them which is at Oxford University), which allows for one elective class. You are also placed in service learning (sort of like an internship) at a organization in the community 8 hours a week. Overall, of these courses were very interesting and the instructors were great people. The everyday workload is minimal but I felt like there were lots of papers.

The one class at Oxford University was pretty cool - being able to walk around this campus as a student was quite an experience. My complaint about this class was that it consumed my entire Friday - we had to leave at 7:30 AM and take three trains to get there, then get back around 5PM, so it made traveling a little difficult. Additionally, the workload was too much for a study abroad class (in my opinion...weekly papers). But, I'd say it was worth it. I learned A LOT not only about public health, but I definitely improved my writing and in-class speaking skills.

London is also a great place to study abroad. The fact that people speak English was great - a lot of my friends who studied abroad in countries with different languages were pretty stressed out because they had to work hard to communicate, but that is also an amazing experience in itself. London just has so much to do all the time, there's really something for everyone...I thought that I would be too overwhelmed by the size of London, but I really wasn't. I'm not a big-city person, but London had the right amount of homeyness in its smaller communities and quirky neighborhoods, that I had an easy time getting used to it. Public transport is so efficient and the fact that I could leave the dorm and get to Big Ben or the 2012 Olympic Pool just by train and walking was amazing to me.

I would say that the past portion of this program, which takes place in Kingston, Jamaica, was the best part of the program. One of our instructors and an administrator took the entire group to Jamaica for a week, and it was absolutely amazing. The hands-on experience that I got to do in the clinics is something that I will probably never have the opportunity to do again, and it was perfectly balanced with time spent at the beach and sight-seeing. This portion of the program is something I tell my friends and family about all the time, and I can't describe in words how awe-struck I was to see and immerse myself in the Jamaican culture and health system.

How can this program be improved?

I felt like I had a lot of papers to write, especially for the class at Oxford. Of course, it is Oxford so I expected a pretty intense workload but the weekly papers made it stressful to try to travel and explore.

Yes, I recommend

A wonderful, enriching, rewarding and challenging experience

I’m being completely sincere when I say that study abroad was a truly enriching, eye-opening, and transformative experience that allowed me to not only discover more about myself but gain worldly perspectives. I was not only able to explore London culturally but also take classes at the prestigious University of Oxford, where I was challenged to think beyond what I've been taught and excel academically.

With regards to the academic aspects, students aren't really given a choice in choosing their classes for the Health, Practice and Policy program mainly because it's already a highly specialized program that is focused more on the health aspects. This makes this program perfect for anyone already with a major in public health, pre-med, biology, psychology, or just with an interest in these kinds of fields. I took classes on social welfare, comparative healthcare systems, health and disease and human rights - all of which I can surely say I gained something I probably never would have gained from classes back at my home university. These classes are very English-style in that they are highly discussion-based rather than being lecture-focused. As a part of the class, students also took many outside tours and went on field tripos that supplemented the coursework and allowed us to truly gain that outside-the-classroom learning experience. Additionally, the professors were excellent, passionate and knowledgeable in their fields, making the classes very open to thought-provoking discussion. The health and disease class was held at Oxford along with a discussion tutor session led by lecturers. The Oxford class was without a doubt the most challenging part of the program in that there is a high amount of workload and expectation for the student to achieve highly. Nonetheless, the lecturers are also improvement-focused so just because you do poorly at first does not mean that you will fail the class. Rather, they want to see you improve and they do help you out during the way to help you do better, which you will as long as you put in the effort.

My service learning placement was a very unique and enjoyable aspect of the program. I worked with an organization that works toward helping the homeless population, and it was an extremely humbling and rewarding experience to say that I was making a difference in another country through the small work I was doing. For example, I washed dishes and prepared food for the homeless, but also had the opportunity to work in the office for more behind-the-scenes and logistical work (which is not the most engaging or fun). Through this experience, however, I learned so much about social issues plaguing London and the stereotypes I had about the homeless, which was truly eye-opening. I feel as if I'm a much more enlightened and passionate student due to my experience doing service in London. Likewise, other students were matched with other organizations that were not just social service/volunteer based but also towards the medical field, etc. and I know from their personal accounts that they also learned and enjoyed their time with their service learning placement. That being said, 8 hours of service a week definitely added to the stressful workload of HPP program students. A lot of times, most of us were doing homework, essays, or doing service that we didn't have time to enjoy the culture or travel as much as students in other programs may have. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean we have absolutely no time at all - it's mostly about how one manages their time and how ambitious they get with what they want to do, see, or travel.
In fact, even with all the stress and sleepless nights, I still managed to plan and travel to Spain and Scotland, two places that I absolutely loved. It's a matter of what YOU want and how you make that desire happen even with all the obstacles you'll face.

Lastly, Jamaica was probably the best part about the program. This is where you really get to bond with some of your professors/IES staff who tag along and truly immerse yourself in the culture. The people are kind, the settings are beautiful, and the work that you do at clinics and at the Missionaries of the Poor... it's a priceless experience. It's a short week full of cultural immersion, learning, and working but it will, without a doubt, be the most wonderful and rewarding week of your life.

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing Opportunity

IES Abroad London- Health Practice and Policy was such a great opportunity. I'll be honest, London was never a place that I was dying to go to. But the program fit with my major and school and had a lot of great aspects of it. The staff at IES, both within the Health Practice and Policy program and outside of the program, were great! They help you to feel accommodated and comfortable with being abroad. Although the orientation at the beginning of the program was a little boring, it was very helpful and helped me to feel more at home in this new city. London itself was amazing. I am not much of a city person, but I really loved living in central London. You live at a residence hall called Kings Cross Student Accommodations. The rooms are SMALL, but everything is in Europe! The building itself is very modern and really nice. There is also a gym in the building that I took advantage of every day. The location is really what is great about Kings Cross. By the name of it, you can probably predict that it is right near Kings Cross Station. Being near such a large station made transportation extremely easy. The IES academic building is only about a 20 minute walk or you can take the tube. The academics were great and the professors were all very experienced and helpful in any way you may need it. Through the health practice and policy program, you will take two HPP classes at the IES center as well as an elective course at the center. The classes are really interesting and the work is very manageable. One thing that I would suggest is to start working on things early! You will have your prompts for your final papers when you start the class. Start working on it as soon as you can (especially before Oxford starts) so that you are not stressed at the end of the semester. The other part of this program is a course at Oxford University. This is an 8 week program, so you will not go for the first month and a half or so, so take advantage of your three day weekends while you can! Oxford was a great opportunity and a cool experience. But I'll be honest, having to travel there and spend the day on Fridays was a little bit of a drag as it makes weekend travel a little bit harder. The course also requires a good amount of work. You will have about a 1500 word paper due each week so make sure you don't procrastinate! The class itself is pretty interesting but it certainly was not my favorite part about the program. Even with Oxford on Friday's, I was still about to travel to 7 different countries! One being Jamaica which you will go to at the end of the program. Jamaica was probably one of my favorite parts of the program. It is a really great opportunity and gives you a chance to really see first hand some of the things you have been learning about and see how the healthcare system works. Overall, I really loved my semester abroad. One thing that I would suggest is to travel around Europe, but also don't forget about London and other parts of England! Take advantage of all the opportunities you have and enjoy the time you have because the semester goes by so fast!

Yes, I recommend
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An Amazing Experience!

Studying abroad through the IES Abroad London and Jamaica programs was one of the best decisions I have done in my life. I chose this program because I am a Public Health major and I am interested in learning about people's behavior and how different cultures deal with public health issues. This program was the right fit for me because the classes further my knowledge in public health, allowed me to take a class at Oxford, gain internship experience through a service learning portion of the program, and a week long hands on experience in Jamaica!

I would recommend this program to ALL public health majors. It is a great program to further your interest and provide different perspectives on what exactly you want to go into in Public Health. I also believe that if your not a bit interested in Public health you should not enroll in this program because it is very public health based. Psychology majors and other majors might not enjoy this program as much since its all public health.

London is a great location to study abroad. It's very a modern city so for those traveling from small towns, this will be a change of atmosphere! It also has a lot of history and culture. Its also very expensive since the currency is the pound sterling. Be sure to have some savings before going on this program as you will need money to enjoy all the city has to offer. Since I was on this program I will share some advice... take advantage of the free museums, free events and festivals held as well. Take advantage that you will also be in Europe, so travel to many places but also leave some room to enjoy London.

This program includes a Service Learning Placement and a course at Oxford University. The Service Learning Placement is another feature to this amazing program. I was at a homeless shelter and it really helped shaped my views of homeless people in London. I met people from all over and I was able to learn about their stories and tell them my story. My advice is to try to get a placement that fits you and your future goals. The course at Oxford has its ups and downs. On the plus side you will be able to say you took a class at the famous Oxford University as well as get a feel of what their teaching styles are. For example, like having a tutor (you'll learn all about this). Taking the course at Oxford was amazing but having class on Friday while everyone was out traveling was not fun. The long commute and waking up really early was also not fun. But again, this program is what you make of it so although Oxford has some negatives overall, it was a really valuable experience.

What I believe is the best cherry on top of this program is the one week ending in Kingston, Jamaica. The program attendees spend one week volunteering at health clinics and learning about the health system in Jamaica and the Caribbean. I must be honest and say that although I was in London for 3 months and Jamaica for only one week, this part was my favorite and what I believe to be the BEST part. The hands on experience and interactions with the culture, people, and the health systems is something I cannot put in words. Ill end with this.. if you want to have a public health adventure that includes taking a course at Oxford University, having hands on experience in London and Jamaica, all while studying abroad in one of Europe's best places, then I say this program is for YOU.

How can this program be improved?

This program can be improved by providing events that include British people so that attendees of this program can have a real experience of living in London since you live with all students who are also studying abroad that semester. Also, maybe having a spring break or some break will be good since we have classes on Fridays and don't really get a break.

Yes, I recommend
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Well Rounded Program

I knew that if I graduated college without studying abroad I would regret it and once I experienced a semester at IES – Health Practice and Policy I knew I was right. Although stepping out of my comfort zone was a little daunting the staff in London was welcoming and allowed me to feel at home, in a completely different country. During my time abroad I not only discovered a new country, cultures and food but ultimately I rediscovered myself. One of the main reasons I loved my time abroad was because the program was so well rounded it allows my to engage in different things and shape my experience!

At the IES center in London I was able to take classes that were related to my major and counted for credit. What made studying abroad unique was having the ability to engage in topics of epidemiology, women’s history, social welfare, health and disease while walking and exploring the city. One of the highlights of the Health Practice and Policy was taking a class at Oxford.

Another aspect of the program that made it unique was the service learning component. While we learned in our classes we also had the ability to learn through our service learning placement. Through my service learning placement I was able to engage with individuals from different communities within London. I was also able to gain a deeper understanding and practice on how grants are obtained, monitored, and awarded. At the end of the semester we completed a new service placement in Jamaica, which had an immense impact on me both on a personal and professional level. While in Jamaica I was able to explore the culture and beautiful sight of Kingston but also observe different clinical settings and take classes at the University of the West Indies.

As if studying in London, having a service placement, and even traveling to Jamaica was not enough the program allows you to further shape your experience. Although you are focused on your course work the staff at IES London are really there to help with anything! They try to make sure to have all the resources you need to enjoy your time in London. One of those aspects involved traveling and activities. Throughout the semester the staff at the center planned different trips and activities. Some of the traveling I did with the center was visiting Bath, Stonehenge, and Oxford. On the other hand some of the activities I attended were soccer games and even visiting Harry Potter studios. Throughout my stay the staff also encouraged me to explore Europe and gave me different tips that made traveling easier.

The center allows you to shape your experience by allowing you to obtain a student ID from the University of London. By obtaining the ID you are able to join any club or intermural sport the university has. Through the center you are also able to apply for a program that allows you to do homestays with families in England. All these options allowed me and will allow you to shape your experience to what you find interesting and ultimately make London my home away from home.

Yes, I recommend
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So many places in 1: London, Oxford, and Kingston, Jamaica

Three of the best parts of my study abroad experience were my professors, travel, and the public health experience. First all of my professors were very smart and qualified. My public health courses were taught by someone in with years of experience. My Health systems class was taught by a global health lawyer who helped the World Health Organization craft health policy. My Social welfare policy class had two professors. One was a lawyer who regularly defended underrepresented clients and was an activist for many social causes. The second professor worked at Parliament and had researched the effects of social inequalities and welfare policies in various countries. At Oxford, every week a different expert in the field of public health gave a lecture on field of study in public health such as bioethics, bias in research, or study designs. I chose to learn about a the European Union in my elective course. The professor for that course had published research multiple times on European and French political thought and was a lecturer at university of Oxford. I felt very satisfied knowing that i was learning from experienced professionals in another country.

It was my first time in London and Europe so I did what I could do, travel. I saw Stonehenge and the Roman Baths. I met students from the University of Bath. I visited Amsterdam and Paris. I got lost a few times to find a new way home because it was absolutely amazing to live in another place for three months. It was very easy to find people who were interested in the same things as myself. I saw a Champions League and an NFL football game. I pedaled a cart around downtown London with 10 other people. I had a once in lifetime experience to be a college student in another place.

Finally, I gained so much experiential lessons and public health related experience. In Jamaica, I shadowed nurses in Jamaican health clinics. I sat in on a meeting about how the nurses should respond to an increase in the number of people with measles in surrounding countries. In England, I volunteered at a patient health and social care advocacy group. I gave a presentation to a panel of young people about mental health risks that young people in their borough face. I learned how to take a lot of research and communicate it to others without confusing my audience. It was difficult doing most of it on my own because it was the first time I had ever done something like that. There were a lot of maturing experiences like learning to cook on my own and making new friends. There were times I had to figure out how to balance the new kid in a big city, but I feel stronger from the experience than I ever had before.

How can this program be improved?

If I had to change one thing, it would be my immersion experience. I wish I had met more British students while I was abroad and traveled more. I was always around American students. I wanted to do Shaolin Kung Fu with British students but it did not work in my schedule and my service learning placement was very demanding in terms of the work that I had to do. I wish the program had more opportunities for students who did not directly enroll into a British school to meet other British students. It also would have been a really good idea for me to plan out where I wanted to travel.

Yes, I recommend
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One of the best things I've ever done

Studying abroad in London was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I chose this program because I wanted a program with a health focus. I want to be a physician assistant, and this program had numerous qualities that I thought would be helpful towards that endeavor. It's important to note that this program is focused on public health. I found this to be interesting because, as a biology major, I had never really been exposed to different healthcare systems and other public health topics. The classes I took were Social Welfare Policy, Comparative Healthcare Systems, Health and Disease (the Oxford class, which is basically an epidemiology course), and Architecture as an elective. The two IES Health Practice and Policy classes (Social Welfare and Comparative Healthcare) were good, and should be even better in the future since they are working on better coordinating the course curriculums to provide a more cohesive program structure. The Health and Disease course was also okay, but the long commute every Friday was a bit of a bear. I absolutely loved Architecture as my elective course, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see as much of London as possible.

As part of the Social Welfare Policy class, I had an internship/service placement at a breast cancer charity in London. While I was hoping for a placement that allowed me a little more clinical contact, I was still abel to interact with patients in the office which was nice.

Overall, living in London is absolutely incredible. I'm from the Midwest and had never lived in a cosmopolitan city like London before. Not only is London one of the most iconic cities in the world, but there are also amazing cultural opportunities that can't be found anywhere else. I discovered a love for theatre and art that I didn't know I had before. Everything from seeing Van Gogh's self portrait at the Somerset House to winning discount ticket to The Book of Mormon created an amazing experience I will never forget. The residence hall, Nido, is located just a few blocks from King's Cross station, which means it is super each to get around to any part of the city. The Nido dorms are pretty standard dorms, but you get a private bathroom to share with your roommate, and there is a kitchen on each floors that can be used to make your own food. IES also offers a ton of events to see more of London, like a walking tour of London including a ride on the London Eye, a boat trip to Greenwich, an authentic football match, and a tour of Harry Potter Studios. You can pick what you're interested in and participate for free or an extremely reduced rate. There are also field trips around England and the surrounding areas; for example, I went on trips to Stonehenge, Bath, Salisbury, and Cambridge thanks to IES and their subsidized field trips.

At the end of the program, we went on a ten-day field study in Kingston, Jamaica. This was the part of the program with the most clinical components, which I really enjoyed. Observing in the clinics was really interesting, and we saw everything from standard vitals (blood pressure, weight, urinalysis, etc) to post-natal exams (6 week old babies getting their checkups) and wound dressings. We also had some interesting lectures at the University of the West Indies School of Nursing, where we learned about the history of nursing in Jamaica as well as the role of natural and holistic healing to the healthcare culture. Please keep in mind that Kingston is a lot different than London. There was a significant amount of street harassment, etc, that would occur whenever we went into the city. I was kind of unprepared for that, and it was very uncomfortable when in contained areas like the clinic where it was hard to get away from harassing people. However, we always traveled in groups and so there were never any real safety concerns.

Overall, I learned so much over the course of this semester, and I recommend this program to people who have an interest in healthcare--especially those interested in a public health perspective.

How can this program be improved?

-Better class planning so that the Health Practice and Policy classes relate to each other but don't overlap in material
-Instead of taking a bus home from Oxford, they should have train tickets. Taking the bus home for 3 hours from Oxford to London every Friday got really old.
-More information on Jamaica before the trip, better awareness on how to deal with street harassment, etc, experienced in the city

Yes, I recommend
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Great study abroad program for those interested in public health

Overall, I loved my experience with this program. The program staff are incredibly sweet, friendly, and helpful, and the classes were interesting, but not so difficult that they took up so much time that there wasn't time to travel or have adventures around London. The classes were very focused on public health and topics related to that, so if that is something you are even at all interested in, this program is for you. I had so many great adventures around London, the UK, Europe, and Jamaica, and I wouldn't trade the four months I spent on this program for the world.

How can this program be improved?

The Oxford course was a great experience to have at least once, and I will always be thrilled that I can call myself an Oxford student, but the travel time to and from the class was nearly double the amount of time we spent in class, and it could have easily been taught at a university closer to the program center for just as much benefit.

Yes, I recommend
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Great Independent Learning Program

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in London through IES Abroad. I ultimately chose this program because of the classes I would be taking. As a public health major interested in global health policy, the classes corresponded wonderfully to my academic goals and allowed me further explore possible career opportunities in social services and public health.

That being said, I would only recommend this program if you are sure what you want to study and what you want to get out of this program. I loved that it involved a lot of independent learning - I got to self-direct my learning in my courses. If I wanted to focus more on understanding past international health laws, I could choose to do more reading about that and get really great answers out of my professor. If I wanted to understand how international actors get involved in health policy, I could choose to focus on that. The teachers do their best to teach you what YOU want to learn. That was true in all of my classes. So, if you are unsure of what you want to learn, you might find yourself a bit lost in this program. However, if you know what you want to learn, you can really get a lot out of this program.

London is a great location to study abroad. It's a very modern city, but like many European cities, has lots of history and culture. As this is a very independent program, you get what you want out of the cultural experience. If you leave the country every weekend to explore the nearby European countries, you won't have as much time to absorb the rich culture of London itself. I loved being able to take advantage of the free museums and late night events offered. IES also has a wide selection of field trips on the weekends, which really helped me explore more of the English countryside and cities farther away.

This program includes a course at Oxford University as well as a Service Learning Placement. The course at Oxford is what you make of it. There are positives and negatives, for example, the long commute to get there every Friday morning. However, Oxford is a beautiful little town and I really enjoyed walking around with my friends after class. The Service Learning Placement is also what you make of it. The staff at IES try to place you with an organization that you have interests in, but it's not always perfect. You just have to remember that this is just another experience, and take advantage of the opportunities. I loved my placement and made some great British friends.

Finally, the program ends in Kingston, Jamaica. We spent about a week there volunteering at health clinics and learning about the health system in Jamaica and the Caribbean. I will say that I probably learned more in Jamaica than I did in London the past 3 months. It was a great way to end the program and I am infinitely thankful for the experience in Jamaica.

How can this program be improved?

Suggestions have been made to replace the Oxford course with a selection of lectures from various health institutions in London due to the long commute.

Yes, I recommend
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Great Study Abroad, Not Immersed though

This program was fantastic but it really depends what you are looking for. The program is mostly with American students and you live together so it's hard meeting foreigners. However, the profs were amazing and really got to know their students. The British Youth Culture class is so interesting and you learn about things that you can relate too. The Jamaica part of the program was invaluable. It helped me figure out what I want to do with my future and what fields I enjoyed.

How can this program be improved?

The housing is not the best. Also the commute to Oxford is really long for such a short lecture.

Yes, I recommend
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This Program was Amazing!

The Health Practice & Policy program through IES Abroad in London was such an amazing opportunity. The courses that I took were relevant to my major, which is public health, and I gained some important skills while studying abroad. Not only did I learn from the academics during the semester, but I also learned so much from the culture in London.

The faculty and staff at IES Abroad London are extremely welcoming and helpful. Whether you have an issue with a course or a question about getting around the city, they are always happy to take the time to talk with you.

I was able to experience so many new things through this program including taking a course at Oxford University, doing a service learning placement at a homeless shelter in South London, and making friends from all over the world. I particularly liked the field trips and group outings that were offered to students. They were both engaging and fun and they helped give us students and understanding of the local culture.

I do not think it is an overstatement to say that studying in London changed my outlook on life, and I would definitely recommend this program to any health studies majors who are interested in learning about international health systems and policies.

Yes, I recommend

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