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Our 3-6 credit internship program is well-established with a network of over 1,000 placement sites in London in private and nonprofit sectors and in over 50 fields and industries.

Intern abroad with us and you’ll have a strong support network, training and guidance as you develop new skills in a truly diverse work environment. You’ll set yourself apart from your peers on job and graduate school applications, expand your professional network and gain an international perspective on your field as well as an appreciation for diversity in the workplace and practices specific to a global city.

When you intern abroad with us, you’ll also participate in a Global Internship Workshop which offers master classes, career preparedness workshops, and mentoring. You’ll build an e-portfolio, develop an “elevator pitch” presentation, complete mock interviews, and work on your online professional presence. Internship placements are included in the cost of the CAPA London program.


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Each year, we award $1.5 million in study abroad scholarships, grants and affiliate benefits!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Going Abroad: Just Do It!

In the Spring of 2018, I decided to go abroad and study in London. I went through a program called CAPA, short for Center for Academic Programs Abroad, and I couldn't have been happier with my decision. I had a phenomenal experience with CAPA and the classes and internship I got to complete because of the program. I was happy to see that I could take some fun classes while abroad, my personal favorite was British Pop Culture, but i was also able to take classes pertinent to my major, such as a class that focused on women and their role in making history in Modern Europe. For my internship, CAPA placed me in an establishment called ELOP, the East London Out Project, and I got the opportunity to be present for counseling sessions, and plan group activities. Aside from enhancing my professional development, CAPA also placed students in excellent housing, and I got to live in Camden Town, a part of London that is revered for its music and alternative scene. The program also offered free trips, and I got to go to Oxford and Stonehenge thanks to CAPA. Overall, my experience abroad was enhanced by the opportunities offered by CAPA and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

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Yes, I recommend this program

I loved every second of it!

I loved London and the CAPA program. I got to see the country in a unique way because of my internship, I really felt like a Londoner, not just a tourist or an international student. I plan to move back to London after graduation because I loved it so much. My classes were always interesting and engaging. The staff really want you to enjoy not only the UK but all of Europe and are so helpful when making travel plans. I have nothing but great things to say about the city, the program and CAPA.

What would you improve about this program?
It was great, I really have no improvement ideas.
Yes, I recommend this program

A Moment In Life I Won't Forget

Studying abroad in London through CAPA was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Before my departure, I was nervous, anxious, a little scared because it was my first time traveling to a forgein country (And Alone), and had some doubt on if I was even ready to take this step. But after orientations, preparations through CAPA and my school's international program, they prepared me with so many resources that gave me the confidence to go! and I'm glad I did.
I've gained so much confidence and independence, met so many locals that I'm close friends with now, and had the opportunity to intern and learn so much about this global city. If the program isn't London, I advise anyone who has a chance to study abroad! Take advantage of a life-transforming opportunity. Don't let fear, finances, doubt or people keep you from experiencing a once life-time experience. If finances are an issue, find ways to gain scholarships through your study abroad program and international program at your home school as I did which was so helpful to pay for my plane ticket. Ask questions, if it's your first time, no question is nonsense, know as much as you can to prepare yourself! Lastly, don't let fear and doubt get in the way! You may feel this way because it is a situation out of your comfort zone, but coming out of your comfort zone is the only way for you to truly grow as a person, so take chances and see the world from a new perspective!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best four months of my life interning in London!

I was immediately impressed with CAPA from the day that I had my Skype interview, to the day that I arrived at my apartment in London, and continued to be impressed as the program went on. I couldn't be more thrilled with the choice I made to study abroad with CAPA. The structure and resources that CAPA provided me with we're essential to my success and enjoyment of the program. I absolutely loved the way my classes were structured and I genuinely enjoyed going to class each week. My CAPA instructor was incredible and so insightful. I learned so much during his class and on our field trips. I would make sure to highlight with prospective students that CAPA does an amazing job of making sure you get the most our of your experience. The classes weren't a chore at all, and instead they provided a ton of useful knowledge about the city you are studying in. I would also encourage the internship program because it was truly the best decision I ever made to go with this CAPA internship program as opposed to other programs. I got so much out of my four months abroad that I wouldn't have gotten if I didn't intern. Aside from the incredible program itself, I was also very impressed with the housing and how safe I felt. I never once felt unsafe in my apartment or walking to it and I felt very safe in my neighborhood. I was located in Clifton Gardens/Maida Vale. I would also talk to the students about all of the resources that CAPA has available to the students in their program. I was very sick for the first month of my time abroad and I was very easily able to find walk-in clinics using the CAPA Guardian App. They is truly nothing I would change about the CAPA program, and everything went so smoothly during my time abroad so I would definitely highlight that to the students.

What would you improve about this program?
I have no complaints about this program! I absolutely loved everything about it.
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London, although typically regarded for its architecture and city lifestyle, is made up of 40% public green space in the form of incredibly lush parks. London has created an environment where you can spend the day enjoying city life and then escape to Primrose hill, the Thames, or a walk by the canals.

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Studying abroad with CAPA means learning in the classroom, then supporting that structured academic foundation by going beyond and experiencing the diverse global city firsthand. You’ll do this through field studies and cultural events as well as on...