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Our internship placements are available for students interested in a wide variety of industries and from virtually any field of study. Students receive training and guidance and are monitored throughout the internship. For over 35 years we have expanded our vast network of businesses, organizations and non-profits to be able to match students with extraordinary opportunities to develop lasting skills while working in a truly international work environment.

Our placements are highly individualized and we strive to cater to your specific requests - just be sure to provide us with detailed information about your interests/experience in your cover letter/application when you do decide to apply and we'll review your strengths and interests to best match you to an internship that will be a great opportunity for you to develop new long-lasting skills while working on fun and exciting projects in a global city.

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Best four months of my life interning in London!

I was immediately impressed with CAPA from the day that I had my Skype interview, to the day that I arrived at my apartment in London, and continued to be impressed as the program went on. I couldn't be more thrilled with the choice I made to study abroad with CAPA. The structure and resources that CAPA provided me with we're essential to my success and enjoyment of the program. I absolutely loved the way my classes were structured and I genuinely enjoyed going to class each week. My CAPA instructor was incredible and so insightful. I learned so much during his class and on our field trips. I would make sure to highlight with prospective students that CAPA does an amazing job of making sure you get the most our of your experience. The classes weren't a chore at all, and instead they provided a ton of useful knowledge about the city you are studying in. I would also encourage the internship program because it was truly the best decision I ever made to go with this CAPA internship program as opposed to other programs. I got so much out of my four months abroad that I wouldn't have gotten if I didn't intern. Aside from the incredible program itself, I was also very impressed with the housing and how safe I felt. I never once felt unsafe in my apartment or walking to it and I felt very safe in my neighborhood. I was located in Clifton Gardens/Maida Vale. I would also talk to the students about all of the resources that CAPA has available to the students in their program. I was very sick for the first month of my time abroad and I was very easily able to find walk-in clinics using the CAPA Guardian App. They is truly nothing I would change about the CAPA program, and everything went so smoothly during my time abroad so I would definitely highlight that to the students.

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I have no complaints about this program! I absolutely loved everything about it.
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