With enough museums, monuments, cafes, boutiques, and parks to make you swoon, Paris is a student’s dream. Studying abroad in this larger-than-life city will give you all that is French – the baguettes and the chocolate, the language and the fashion, and most of all, the beauty.

One of the world’s most aesthetically pleasing cities, Paris could not possibly leave you with a lack of things to explore. From the hidden side streets to the animated neighborhoods, you could spend days merely wandering. But that won’t be the only activity you engage in, studying in Paris will give you all sorts of academic stimulation, too. The hangouts of the worlds greatest artists will be at your fingertips, so you can study your grammaire Francaise where Satre used to philosophize.

The city of love, language, food, wine, and history. With so much to see, do, and experience, who wouldn’t want to study abroad in Paris? With Paris being so expensive, it can seem like a daunting place for a person on a student’s budget to visit. But have no fear, you can live your dream of studying abroad in Paris without breaking the piggy bank! Here’s a few tips on how to experience Paris on a budget.


Many programs offer home-stay or independent apartment stays. With most programs, the homestay option is not only cheaper, but a homestay may also include some weekly meals in the cost of lodging. Homestay options are cheaper and include lodging and (usually) food. Apartments are more costly and food is not included, however, it will allow students more independence than living with a family (plus, you can always get roommates!)

To find student housing in Paris, UniPlaces is one good website to look at, as is getting in touch with your advisor in Paris.

Whether you're living with a homestay family or French roomies, you'll be able to really build your language skills and experience true Parisian living.

Take advantage of the student travel discounts

If you want to travel throughout Europe, take advantage of the Eurail Youth Pass which will get you just about anywhere by train. Tip: make sure you plan to use it / do a lot of train travel, otherwise you may not really get your bang for your buck. If you are studying abroad directly at a university, be sure to snag a student ID to enjoy all of the discounts you can get around the country.

If you’re really into French food and want to save some money, grab your friends, head to the nearest boulangerie, and have a picnic underneath the Eiffel Tower on Sunday afternoons. The city of Paris shuts down on Sundays, and with nearly nothing open, it really is a wonderful experience to sit under the Tower, enjoy some wine and cheese, and talk with your friends about how lucky you feel to be in the City of Lights. What's more, you’ll get to see the Eiffel Tower in a cooler way (for free!) instead of paying the many Euros to climb to the top.

Visit the Louvre or Musée d’Orsay on the first Sunday of the month because it’s free for ALL visitors! For those who are really into visiting museums, check out the Paris museum pass that offers discounts for visiting multiple museums.


France did not earn a reputation of luxury by accident. While being known for its culturally signifant sights, it is also known for its high costs. Regardless, many study abroad providers have program-specific scholarships that can help offset the costs of your study abroad experience. If you are choosing the more independent route, these scholarships (plus more!) are available for you to apply to.

Contributed by Heather Zurek


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