Sustainability & Eco Tourism Summer School in Bali

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This intense 4 week summer course will help you to understand the impact of tourism in Bali and learn more about the steps that are made towards sustainable tourism and ecotourism. Within 4 weeks of lectures at the Udayana University in Bali and various field excursion all over Bali, you will learn more about the Balinese life philosophy "Tri Hita Karana", and how this ancient way of living is reflected in modern sustainable tourism approaches in Bali.

Various field trips will help you to understand "Tri Hita Karana" and to gain an insight into the efforts that are made to preserve Bali’s main tourist attractions: its nature and culture.

This course will give you the unique opportunity to study abroad and experience the real Bali from a non-touristy perspective. You will talk with the local community, learn more about the magical Hindu culture in Bali and experience all what Bali has to offer in a sustainable way.

  • 9 days of professional lectures about Eco Tourism and Sustainability in the Tropics
  • 5 field excursions that show the different aspects of tourism in Bali
  • You will spend at least 6 days with traveling to Bali's most beautiful spots
  • All travels support the small local community!

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