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IES Abroad Dublin - Writer's Program

Whether you approach writing as a future vocation or as a creative outlet, our courses help you discover and explore your voice and hone your craft. The required 1-credit Writing for the 21st Century Workshop is designed to tie these varied skills together, and this workshop can be combined with a range of writing-related courses, Irish studies courses, or an internship or service learning placement to create your 16-credit program.

Participating in a writing-focused internship or service learning placement and accompanying seminar is a unique way to apply what you’re learning in your writing classes within a real-world setting. Each semester, an anthology of all types of student work will be compiled, and you'll also have the option of reading it in front of an audience.

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I loved Dublin, with it's Gothic Architecture and small City feel all combined in a larger City. I was obviously expecting more of a bustling city similar to Chicago or New York, but Dublin suited me well. It was the perfect place to write and reflect on my experiences. My experience expanded my horizons and views on the world, especially on my home country, the United States. I met alot of new people, American and Irish, and it allowed me to build stronger friendships when I returned to the United States. I rate my experience on the highest level.

How can this program be improved?

More traveling.

Yes, I recommend

IES Dublin is really supportive!

The Writer's Program was a fantastic experience for me. I learned a lot from everyone at the IES Center (special shout-out to Stephen, the writer's program coordinator) and felt I had a lot of opportunities to explore Ireland. Dublin is a great city if you study writing or English; lots of literature has come from Dublin, and there are lots of good resources to learn more about Irish literature (the Writer's Museum, the Yeats Exhibition at the Library, etc.). We read a lot of Irish writers for homework. IES planned a lot of great cultural events and field trips. As a spur of the moment trip we attend a Moth Story Telling Slam twice as well as
a Martin McDonagh play at the Gaitey Theatre. Our professor also took us to see Moonlight, which was awarded the Oscar while I was abroad. There's lots to do and explore in Dublin (more than the Guinness Storehouse, I assure you), and while eating out is expensive, Dublin is fairly student-friendly. Ireland is also an amazing country; I loved the hikes and the coast line. If you plan on flying out to Europe every weekend, which many students do, the Dublin Airport is easy to access and Ryanair and Aer Lingus will be your friends. I would definitely recommend this program.

How can this program be improved?

I found that the only downside was that it was difficult to meet other Irish students while studying in Ireland. It was not intrinsically immersive like a home stay would be, but the program allowed for lots of independence and opportunities to explore Irish culture. The other students did not seem as serious about their studies, which allowed for a bit of disparity among the group as a whole. It was only temporary, though, so it did not have a lasting impression on me.

Yes, I recommend
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A day in Ireland could change your life...

My favorite day in Ireland was a little windy, a little sunny and day that will stay with me forever. It was a day during my program's creative writing retreat, which was at the Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa in County Cork. The Lodge was a seaside oasis just steps from soft, pale sands and calm, sparkling waters. And mornings there began with an Irish breakfast of eggs, sausage, black and white pudding, potatoes, and a cup of tea, before it was time for class.

We had our creative writing classes in a conference-like room that was perpetually filled with natural light and a salty sea breeze that slipped through the open windows. We wrote freely, creating stories and memories alike as we spent time pondering the idea of "renewal."

This retreat, which was planned by my creative writing instructor, was a weekend of creativity, intellectual and literary discussion and exploring. The environment was like a photographer or painter's dream -- I was mesmerized by the harmonious scenery of soft acrylic blues and greens that appeared more like a fairytale setting than a visitable place in Ireland.

It was this moment in time that caused me to become overwhelmingly grateful for choosing IES as my study abroad program. And since that day, after taking photos, writing stories, meeting other people staying at the lodge, and sitting on the beach talking to my classmates, who I could happily call friends at that point, I came to realize how important travel is to me and just how much I enjoy meeting new people.

The IES staff in Dublin truly cared about creating a safe, comfortable environment for us students to bond and assimilate into our host community. They planned frequent events for us at the IES Center, with the first taking place during week one. They welcomed us with tea, little sandwiches, pastries, and an opportunity for us to introduce ourselves. And the IES staff also took us on well-planned excursions around Ireland that left me feeling connected and a little whimsical -- I still vividly remember the time I made my own soda bread and milked a cow.

It was a beautiful and unforgettable adventure that I guarantee you would love too. And IES Abroad won't let you down.

Thanks for reading, and good luck on your future journey abroad.

A fellow traveler and dreamer,

Also, if you would like to hear about it, I would be happy to share! Here's my email: [email protected]

How can this program be improved?

It would be more convenient if housing was a little closer in proximity to the IES Center. But then again, the housing itself is really nice. I had my own room and bathroom and could always chat with my roommates in the kitchen/common area right down the hall.

Yes, I recommend
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Deuces to Dublin, for Now


I greatly enjoyed my time abroad Fall 2016 as part of the IES Dublin Writer’s Program.

Staff really do take what you say into account. I randomly mentioned liking to swim to Myriam and come the next morning, I’d received an email from Jackie with a list of pools in the city. That level of dedication, genuine care, toward students’ needs is deeply rooted. Everyone in the Centre always took time to ask how my weekend was and check in on how I was doing as I made my way up the stairs to class. Even professors whose classes I wasn’t taking gave off that feeling of a warm welcome.

There was a lot of intersecting subject matter in my classes, which were of the Writer’s Program and Irish Studies variety. I enjoyed interacting with other American students from varying parts of the States. Everyone brought their own expertise and interests to discussions inside and outside the Centre. I’m grateful for having been in the care of my professors. I have a more focused vision of my career path and what I see myself doing in upcoming years. I can say, without a doubt, this is a direct result of my time spent with IES last semester.

If you’re thinking about taking that step and going somewhere unknown, vaguely familiar, or basically your backyard, please do. The world is here. It’s been here quite a while, and all talk of “well y’know the sun’s gonna explode eventually” aside, I think it’ll be here for a good time longer. So, go forth and live your dreams; go back and do what you’d wanted to. There is time. You just gotta take time to make time for your future, whatever that looks like. Your future, your journey, is unique to you.

How can this program be improved?

It's not an improvement so much as I'm just taking the time to give a lil disclaimer here.

Since this program isn't a direct enrollment and you'll be studying with other American students, you'll have to put in that extra bit of effort to interact with Irish university peers or Irish people outside of IES. There is the option of the internship or service learning experiences. But, different strokes for different folks and all that.

Yes, I recommend
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Wish I Could Go Back to Dublin!

Studying in Dublin, Ireland for a semester was by far one of the best decisions I've ever made! The IES Writer's Program deepened my love for books and writing, and I'm equally happy I decided to study with them while abroad. Dublin is home to many amazing authors as well as intricate history, and being immersed in these things, as well as the culture broadened my horizons in many incredible ways. I have taken home interests and questions that I wouldn't have discovered in any other way than studying abroad, and learned about myself in valuable ways. I would highly recommend this place and program to anyone - I wish I could go back!

Yes, I recommend
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Studying with IES Abroad

I had wanted to study abroad since my freshman year of college, but upon visiting the study abroad office on my campus, I became overwhelmed and did not go back until the first semester of my junior year. I had the option of graduating a semester early, but instead of taking that option, I decided to take that semester to study abroad. In order for it to be "worth it,"* I decided I needed a program that offered an internship. As an English major studying creative writing, it was hard to find a program that fit my requirements, but in the end, I found IES. Not only did IES offer a program specifically for writers, the program was in Dublin, one of UNESCO's cities of literature, and it offered an internship dealing with written works, which is what I wanted to do. The internship I ended up getting was working as a literary assistant for a theatre production company. I was astounded by IES' ability to obtain an internship that was both intriguing and relevant to what I wanted to do after college. In addition to the internship, we were also placed in high-quality apartments that came furnished with almost everything we could need. The staff at our centre was incredibly friendly and helpful, and by the time we left Dublin, they had become friends. IES also created a perfect balance between school work and free time. We didn't have Friday classes, and we were given a midterm break, but the classes were still engaging, and the teachers held high expectations for us so that it was impossible to leave Dublin without knowing quite a lot more about Irish history and culture. Apart from IES, Dublin was the perfect size. It was possible to walk almost anywhere within the city, and a day trip to the a seaside town was always only a short train ride away. Overall, it was hard to leave both the city and the people, but I will always take Dublin with me.

*I know now that it would have been impossible for my experience to not be worth it.

How can this program be improved?

One thing I would have liked would to be able to meet more Irish peers. This program was a group of Americans studying and living together, so it was hard to become friends with locals. However, IES does offer a direct enrollment program, but this was not one of them.

Yes, I recommend
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Carrying Kindness Forward

When I arrived in Dublin, Ireland, I did not know a soul in the entire country. As a first time international traveler this was daunting to say the least. It took me at least an hour just to figure out what bus I needed to take from the airport to city center (growing up in the suburbs, I was not well-equipped to deal with foreign public transportation). After much stress and frustration however, I found myself on the correct bus heading into the heart of Dublin. After a few deep breaths, a quick phone call with my mom, and helpful assistance from countless strangers, I had regained enough of my sanity to make it through the rest of the day.
I got through many tough times in this same fashion, and I think one of the most important things I learned was that it's okay to ask for help. Nine out of ten times, if I asked a stranger in Ireland to help me with something they would either personally see to it or they would point me in the right direction. The staff at the IES center only reinforced this hospitality further.
I can say, with no exaggeration, that the staff at IES Abroad Dublin are some of the most kind people I have had the pleasure of encountering and interacting with. All of them-- whether it's the RA's such as Conor and Myriam or the teachers/faculty such as Stephen, Regina, Claire, and Megan-- are on the same page when it comes to kindness, selflessness, and inclusivity. Not only did this create a safe and enjoyable learning environment for the students but it also proved to be contagious. Oftentimes the positivity throughout the center was palpable, as if it floated through the air and was circulated through the vents.
This was vital to me personally as I passed through a very rough phase in my study abroad semester. To keep it short, I fell into a bad depression at a point and was not sure if I could even complete the program. A mixture of a lot of things, homesickness being one of them, led me to feeling very sad, scared, and confused. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore and I went into the center to talk with someone. As soon as I talked to Claire, who was in charge of student welfare, she brought me to her office and sat me down to talk about what was going on. Without a blink she helped me to get the help I needed and, in a matter of a few weeks, I was able to continue living fully in Dublin.
What is important to note is that there was no hesitation by any of the center staff when it came to my health and well-being. Claire put in so much extra time and care to help me and I could never thank her enough for that. On top of that, the center staff and teachers were all so very understanding to my needs. They did not force me to come to class if I did not feel able and I was given all the necessary time it took to get my assignments completed. The bottom line is that the IES Abroad Dublin staff are absolutely superb and one-of-a-kind. I feel very grateful to have met them and been taught very valuable life skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Their kindness and sincerity go unmatched.

Best wishes,

Yes, I recommend
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I made it, I finished it, and I'm proud of it

Being the first black student in my family to study abroad and also live/work in Dublin Ireland for 3 1/2 months was an eye opening and worthwhile experience. At first I didn't have the vision to study abroad because I didn't believe there was anything for me by doing so. When I was encourage by several staff members and family, I finished the application in two weeks, received plenty of help financially, and the staff when I got to Dublin were incredibly welcoming. I took 5 classes, did a 15 hour a week internship, and still had time to plan day trips to parks, theaters, local museums, and galleries, absorbing and really interacting with the culture. It was incredible to be able to travel so easily to Europe (Where I spent 4 days in Rome) and meet people from around the world even on a tight budget. The IES program is really dedicated to seeing students succeed and feel safe, empowered, and open-minded. I'm proud to have made the choice to go abroad for a short time and I want to reach out to other ethnically underrepresented students to do the same. It's worth it!

Here's a mini-summary of my field trip to Northern Ireland. I stayed in Portrush in a nice hotel with my classmates for the weekend along with two advisers. Day one we went to Belfast and took a trip through the museum and learned about the history of the titanic. That same night we ate at a local restaurant and had fresh food and desserts delivered to our seats and got a chance to interact with the locals. The next day we went to Carrick-a-rede rope bridge and crossed over to a small island, took a tour of the 400 year old Bushmills Distillery, and visited The Giants Causeway. The last day, Sunday, we went to Dunluce Castle, Castlewellan Forest Park and Peace Maze, and arrived back in Dublin Sunday evening. There's plenty to do in Ireland, if you're willing to make the first step by getting there.

How can this program be improved?

If I were to change one thing about the program it would be the internship hours. The requirement was 15 hours a week and even though I completed it, it was difficult to be more active outside my 2 1/2 hour classes. So I'd like for the internship to be reduced to 10 hours a week because it'd save a lot of stress and time and make way for more time to do homework and go on day trips.

Yes, I recommend

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