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Looking for a unique combination of history, culture, architecture, language and more? Consider any of the various options on offer through our "Design-Your-Own Summer Abroad" program!
Choose one, two, or all three of the following "parts":
Part 1: Unearthing Modern Celtic Culture - Travel between Galway and Dublin (and more) in Ireland then move on to Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland
Parts 1 + 2: Exploring England - Add England to your Irish & Scottish adventures while living and studying on a local British university campus on the outskirts of London
Parts 2 + 3: Get your start in England then head over to Barcelona, Spain for a month of language & culture by the Mediterranean
Parts 1 + 2 + 3: You would probably regret doing any less ;) "Touch 'em all" on this intriguing, comparative full summer experience, for which you're due to receive about a semester of credit!

  • Various options according to your duration and destination preferences
  • Guided travel through four countries combined with independent exploration
  • Diverse course offerings, including international studies, business, literature, history, culture, and cinema
  • Earn up to a semester of credit in both elective type courses and language & culture
  • Travel with like-minded fellow participants while also interacting with locals

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