CIEE Summer Irish Studies in Dublin, Ireland

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Spend your summer in the home of Shaw, Swift, Joyce, Lewis and Yates, writing your own story of international discovery.

Through coursework, cultural activities, and excursions, CIEE summer study abroad in Ireland introduces you to the breadth and depth of Irish culture to offer you an unforgettable international experience.

In Dublin you will:

- Gain an in-depth look at Irish culture through coursework and cultural excursions

- Live at Dublin City University, with its compact high-tech campus, University clubs, sports facilities, and close proximity to the center of Dublin

- Participate in one or two three-week sessions

- Join CIEE and partake in cultural activities, such as visits to museums, cathedrals, galleries, and historic sites; day trips to Dublin Castle, the Hill of Tara, and Newgrange; and a field trip to western Ireland (Session I) and Northern Ireland (Session II)

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  • Academics 8.5
  • Support 10
  • Fun 9.5
  • Housing 7.5
  • Safety 9
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Cliffs of Moher

Gaelic Football is an Experience, Y'All

Let me preface this with: I love Ireland. This review is 100% biased because, I am, totally, unequivocally, in love with the Emerald Isle.

I am also not a person who took the decision to study abroad lightly. As a disabled, solo-traveler, I needed a program that was both accommodating and allowed students their independence. CIEE Dublin was the perfect fit, whenever I needed a program director (love ya, Martin & Meriah!) they were always accessible. I planned solo trips out of the country, and there was no overbearing mothering. The balance was careful and considerate, and I had a truly amazing summer because of it.

The social scene on the program was amazing during my session, everyone was super friendly and we all planned outings (like weekend trips to the Cliffs of Moher) together. I will say, I am, personally, a fan of trying to make friends with "natives" (that feels weird to say...), but the other students on my program were pretty great (not as clique-y as I was expecting, honestly!) and so was the professor! Everyone became like a family for those 4 weeks, and will probably make any future study abroad programs feel lackluster.

Overall, if you want a program where you can be sure you aren't completely navigating academia in a foreign country alone, but want to have real independence, you should seriously consider this program. Oh, and um, make sure you have a steady supply of American Tylenol before going to Dicey's.

How can this program be improved?
Not going to lie, the dorm's aren't the best. I mean, I didn't spend thaaaat much time in my room but I came back so many nights to leaking showers that had been running all day. They aren't the worst, though, they're huge compared to dorms at my school in America, and they're right on the bus lines.
Yes, I recommend

CIEE Dublin Summer Irish Studies Review 2017

The opportunity to study in Dublin was amazing. I met some of my best friends on the trip. Future participants should know to print their acceptance letter when going through customs. Post program I am inspired to work abroad and explore new perspectives. It would be useful to carry a money belt. Something to be aware about is that locals and foreigners are less likely to be politically correct. I still keep in touch with the friends that I made on the trip.

Yes, I recommend

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