Fashion, food and fun >> these make Milan famous and an attractive city for individuals from all over the world. Though Milan is second to Roma population-wise in Italy, it holds the biggest Italian financial market and remains the capital of design and fashion design. Milan has also become the most important Italian fair headquarter; it is ready to host Expo 2015 with the brand new developed skyline.

Situated in the north of Italy, Milan is well connected to many European and Italian cities alike. In just a few hours, it is possible to reach Como Lake, Genova, Bergamo and the Alps. If you get bored easily, fear not - there's no more than two hours separating you from the Swiss and French borders. The city is also a really enjoyable place for shopping at Rinascente, Torino and Corso Bueno Aires streets. While in Milan, be sure to attend some important sport events, such as futball in the infamous San Siro Stadium and Formula 1 Grand Prix racing in nearby Monza.

Milano has affordable places to everybody, students or tourist, but it should bear in mind where to find things and free events!

Culture and Immersion

Milano is a modern city mixed with its antique architectues from Roman age. The newly constructed skyline in Garibaldi Station mingles with ancients buildings like Duomo and Castello Sforzesco. The river Navigli and San Lorenzo's columns are my favorite places for cheap and young nightlife. It remain sophisticated and elegant; the fashion of the people make for a magical Milan environment.

It is really easy to appreciate Italian art and design in Milan: a quick Google search will point you in the direction of a free vernissage or a grand opening ceremony for new or old artist. Milano has several art galleries around the city that should not be missed!

Triennale Museum is at the center of the new designers's view and has a newly opened museum near the Duomo and Palazzo Reale. This museum, the 900's Museum, was founded in the heart of the city, and has thus become the center of modern art. Check it out to see the new directions Italian creativity is moving in.

To truly enjoy gourmet Italian, Milan is the place to be: the city offers many different ways to consume tasty grub. You can have a quick lunch with some panini or decide to have a real meal sitting in one of the several fancy restaurants around the city. Have an informal dinner with pizza or just a rich aperitivo in the elegant Corso Como. Milan is for everybody!

Almost every evening, you can see people walking the streets dressed up for "Happy Hour" or heading to the theater. The city is home to many interesting venues for live performing arts, including the “Scala” theatre and the famous “Piccolo Teatro." Every year, these theaters attract a great interest from the public for their high quality activities and events.


Milan isn't too expensive of a city if you know how to live and have fun moderately. Conversely, if you wish to live a lavish life, you will definitely be satisfied in Milano. The trick is finding what you consider fun and pursuing it.

Like a lot of European countries, Italy uses Euro. Some individuals will find this a blessing and others a curse. The habit of using cash is now being replaced by credit card; regardless, some places do not like people pay small change with cards.

Study abroad programs in Milan depending on what it is offered, but it is natural if you apply privately in some specialize school like Creative Accademy or ESE it will cost dozen thousand of euro. In the other hand it is possible to bring your study abroad's cost down throught applying on the several scholarship from italian university such as Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano.

Culture Shock and Support

Being kissed on the cheek by strangers is a form of greeting most Italians are accustomed to. Moving hands extravagantly while talking or touching and hitting each other are also common in conversation between friends. Don't be alarmed at how "touchy-feely" and animated Italians can be!

After a while, you'll get used to and accept the Italian style to being late for appointments. The wait is usually worth it - but always keep it in mind when you are making plans or appointments with Italians.

Despite it's relatively small size, an experience studying in Milan will never let you down. The atmosphere and environment is unique and you will most certainly enjoy your time there!

All those bottomless bowls of pasta are going to add up! Don't let the cost of study abroad get you down. Scholarships are a great means for lessening the financial burden of a semester abroad. Here's just the beginning!

Guide Contributed by Syu Titina Bai


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