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Florence Academy of Russian Art offers various workshops throughout the year in Florence. Our workshop courses include topics such as watercolor, plein-air painting, constructive drawing, leather design, figure drawing/painting, portraiture painting and drawing, artistic anatomy courses and nude figure drawing and painting.

Our classes are all conducted in English and our courses are designed for students who are interested in both short-term and long-time studies. We welcome students of all ages and any level of artistic preparation is admissible for entering the first year. Our students come from all over the world to study art in Florence, creating a vibrant and interesting mix of various cultures working together. Our academy's campus provides fully equipped studio spaces and accommodation for students.

Florence offers spectacular surroundings for studying art in Italy with its rich cultural and historical elements combined with a lively atmosphere.

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About Florence Academy of Russian Art

Florence Academy of Russian Art is a visual art academy located in Florence, Italy. The Academy teaches fundamental principals, methods and techniques of classical art, diligently transmitted over the centuries since the Italian Renaissance.