Italian Pastry Arts

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Notions and history of the Italian Pastry, and its typical and regional traditions
Italian Pastry: basic dough (short crust, puff, whipped mass, meringue, custards)
Focus on different flours, eggs, sugars, and butter
Italian classic Cakes and regional diversity
Preparation of classic pastry with an innovative and more contemporary interpretation
Breakfast: processing key dough, stuffing, baking, and innovative decorations for croissants, miniature cakes, baked cakes, and leavened products
Decorating with sugar, courses, basic processing for sugar and chocolate arts
Notion about Gelato and its processing: sugar, pasteurization, balance; history and classification, fruit and milk based gelato.
Semifreddo, basic ingredients and elements. Balance and process of different types of semifreddo pastry
Artisan Gelato and gelato pastry, processing and preparation of cakes and semifreddo cakes;
Savory Pastry: basic pastry, fillings, recipes for snack

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