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A country of fashion, food, and football - studying in Italy is a unique and exciting experience. Italy is absorbed in history, and time spent in the capital will show this in all of its (tasty) glory. Hoards of international students are flocking to Italy for study abroad experiences, and you could be the next one! Besides the hustle and bustle of the big cities, Italy also has places full of natural beauty and tranquility, whose architecture and sights will astound you.

Study art where Michelangelo once painted, or see firsthand the settings of the Western world's most famous theatrical dramas, such as Verona from Romeo and Juliet! All of this is at the tip of your fingers when studying in Italy. Hop on a vespa to your new favorite pizzeria, check out some active volcanoes, or while-away the afternoon on one of Italy's beaches (all in between studying, of course).

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Study abroad in the "boot" provides everything a visiting student could ever want, from exciting cities, culture and museums, to a variety of festivals, music, film, and beer. Italy has more sites included on UNESCO's World Heritage List than any other country!

From the olive groves of Tuscany to the cathedrals that dot the countryside to the lively seaside beaches, you can rest easy knowing no matter which location you select for your experience, you're going to have an amazing experience.

Studying in Rome:

The largest city in Italy is known for its historical past and as the seat of the Roman Empire, and has remained the political and cultural center of the republic. The Eternal City holds the many desired secrets to the success of the Roman Empire and the long history of Italy. Many of the ancient monuments still stand in some of the most unexpected places, and even after a whole semester in Rome you'll be amazed that you can still live your modern day-to-day life amidst thousands of years of history.

Studying in Florence:

Home to the Renaissance movement and the birthplace and inspiration to some of the most famous artists in history, Florence will bring out the inspired artist in you as you walk through its many streets. You will never cease to marvel at the beautiful architecture of the historical city center. UNESCO estimates that sixty percent of the world’s greatest works of art are located in Florence, so if you are interested in art, chances are you won’t be bored. The big-city feel of this small city makes it an exciting, yet cozy place to spend a semester or year.

Studying in Venice:

Continuously dubbed the most romantic city in the world, Venice is hard to beat. Spending a semester getting lost in the winding streets of the main city would be breathtaking at every turn. A city made of 117 islands connected by 409 bridges may sound vast, and the number of times you lose yourself will be many, but the city is actually relatively small by Italian standards. Every wrong turn shows you a new side of Venice. History can be seen in every building and every local as they go about their daily routine in what seems make-believe.

Studying in Milan:

It’s the perfect home away from home for the big-city lovers. In the business and fashion capital of Europe don’t expect to find the leisurely hilltop lunches you do in Tuscany, but your new designer duds will surely impress your friends back home. Milan is a great place for business, international relations, and fashion majors. A number of top fashionistas reside here and offer internships to the prestigious students of Italy.

Studying in Sicily:

Sicily itself is a marvel. The biggest island in the Mediterranean is blessed with a mild climate and some amazing natural wonders. Sicily boasts a drastic mix of cultural influences and the popular city of Syracuse is a cultural melting pot. The beautiful beaches are, of course, another great motivator in influencing decisions!


Housing is often provided through your study abroad program provider and will usually be a dorm, room with a host family, or a shared apartment.

For example, SAI's study abroad programs in Italy gives students the option to stay in either their own apartment or in a family homestay. whereas ISA Abroad automatically places students in shared apartment accommodations.

If you have to organize your housing independently (which is typical if you directly enroll in a program), you can find furnished student apartments across Italy through UniPlaces.

How to Choose a Program

Italy is quickly gaining a reputation as an outstanding country to seek international education. There are nearly 100 different universities in Italy to choose from, and finding the best fit (or the best study abroad program for you!) will prove crucial in defining your study abroad experience.


It's possible to find programs from many fields of study, most notably art, design, philosophy, cooking, or fashion, taught in your native tongue. But as they say, "When in Rome!" It's probably best to familiarize yourself a bit with the language.

If you're not confident in your Italian, consider a program which offers classes taught in both languages or learn Italian in Italy at a local school. In this way, you'll be able to learn extensively about the culture AND sharpen your language skills! Get started by memorizing these handy Italian phrases before you go.

Immersion and Cultural Activities

You may find that some programs offer included cultural activities or field trips in their program costs. Sometimes, it is recommended to trust the professionals - it's likely they've been there awhile, and the company probably has a pretty good idea of what's best to see in the area! If trusting others with your weekend fun sounds too easy, opt for a program that gives you more freedom.

API Study Abroad's program in Tuscania gives students the option to participate in pre-planned excursions. Expenses such as "Overnight lodging, breakfast, entrance fees and transportation to and from the excursion locations" is all included! Not all of these excursions are purely educational - some are for fun, like AIFS Abroad's wine, chocolate, and cheese tastings!

All those bottomless bowls of pasta are going to add up! Don't let the cost of study abroad get you down. Scholarships are a great means for lessening the financial burden of a semester abroad. Here's just the beginning!


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