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Athena Study Abroad Program at HISA in Kyoto, Japan

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For the student looking for something authentically Japanese, experience Kyoto and the surrounding area with Athena Study Abroad! Athena's Kyoto program exposes students to the traditional and contemporary spirit of Japan. Students take courses designed to give insight into the history and significance of Japan as well as exposing them to the aesthetic beauty of this unique country.

The classes do not just take place in a classroom setting. Many excursions are integrated into the program, such as a tea ceremony, kabuki theater, Golden Pavilion, bamboo forest and many more!

The school, Hellenic International Studies in the Arts (HISA) brings together an interaction between students who desire more than a traditional lecture format, and talented teachers and artists who wish to share their experience and knowledge. Athena/HISA's Kyoto program coordinator is a native of Japan, so all participants have the benefit of her innate knowledge and access to this tight-knit culture

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Keep in mind that the program costs are not only for tuition, but also for field trips, housing, on-site advising, insurance through HTH Worldwide, a transcript, excellence customer service, and more. If you are concerned about finances, Athena Study Abroad does provide scholarships ranging from 250-8,000 USD, just check out our website!

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Athena Study Abroad was designed by knowledgeable and caring professionals with one goal in mind: to bring authentic study abroad experiences to life that involve real cultural immersion aspects. Athena strives to provide programs that embrace personalized experiences at small overseas schools, bringing each student into close contact with the local culture and people so that a well rounded, diverse experience is well within reach.